Our Mission

What makes us different.

There are a lot of agencies, influencer marketing platforms, and UGC tools that say a lot of shit. It’s confusing and noisy. So…what makes “The Hub” different?

First, we are a three person team. All ex-creators ourselves. We are small, nimble and dedicated. Shannon and James run the show – when you receive emails from them at 2AM, it’s really them.

We stand for the 24-year-old photographer with immense talent...that doesn’t quite know it yet. They work as a barista and dream of something more – of doing what they love as a living.

The massive opportunity is that there are 800,000 direct-to-consumer brands who desperately need a photographer. In fact, in 2020, the average consumer looks at 11.4 images before making a purchase decision leaving every brand on planet earth scrambling to create fresh content, better, faster, and cheaper than ever before.

Our mission is to connect the up-and-coming photographer to the brand who needs content. To unearth the most talented emerging talent making it easier for scrappy DTC brands to hire above market talent for below market rates. In fact, on average, we create content on 1/5th the timelines for 1/9th the price of traditional agencies and production houses.

Our platform works very simply – brands (or individuals for that matter) can post a job seeking images. Our photographers will bid on the job. The brand can pick which photographer they think is the best fit and sign a contract. Then images get delivered. Once approved, the photographer gets paid. Everything happens on our platform. And everything is ridiculously easy.

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So far, we have facilitated thousands of shoots and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for our most talented photographers. By 2022, we aim to bring $1MM worth of work to the strongest 10,000 creators in our community.

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We want to go a step further, though. Because of our creator focus, we plan to spend our time and energy building the best possible infrastructure for our photographers. In addition to events and community (which will resume after COVID), we plan to offer portable health benefits (for freelancers) and tax help too. Everything a young photographer needs to make a healthy, sustainable living doing what they love.

You can join our community by posting a job to receive content (you’ll have amazing bids from our photographers in less than 24 hours) or by applying to be a creator.

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