Our Mission

What makes us different.

Our Mission 1

There are tons of agencies, marketing platforms, and UGC tools out there. It’s confusing and noisy. So…what makes “The Hub” different?

First, we are a three-person team. All ex-creators ourselves. We are small, nimble, and dedicated. Shannon and James run the show – when you receive emails from them at 2AM, it’s really them. Oh, and we answer texts too – try it: James is 609.610.0749 and Shannon is 618.917.3100.

We exist to help the extremely talented, up-and-coming photographer find work with the top start-up food and beverage brands in the country.

Above all else we are focused on creating top quality content – not influencer garbage, not your intern with an iPhone – that good-good.

There isn't a platform or service that creates better work. Seriously, name one. And we think our value is unmatched, too. You can see for yourself by viewing THIS page which outlines recent shoots, exactly what the the client received, what we made (The Hub) and what the creator made.

Our Mission 2

Why do you need us? We hear the same pain point again and again and we know how to solve it.

"I know content is important for my brand but I don't know where to start. I don't have time to prioritize, myself, nor do I have the money to hire someone who can prioritize for me."

There are 800,000 direct-to-consumer brands just like you who desperately need a photographer. In fact, in 2020, the average consumer looks at 11.4 images before making a purchase decision –leaving every brand on the planet scrambling to create fresh content better and faster than ever before.

We have solved the problem.

We have vetted all the top photographers in the country. Like really vetted them. Before COVID we held hundreds of events (sometimes dozens the same weekend), trips, gallery shows and more. We have a panel of 15 creators who accept, rate, and categorize our creators before they even get to you (via our platform). We accept less than 20% of the photographers and videographers who apply (and over 200,000 have).

We spent two years and millions of dollars (much of which we invested ourselves) focused on our creators before inviting brands into the mix. For the reason we are deadly positive that we have the best-of-the-best. It shows in our work.

I personally text and speak on the phone with our top 50 photographers weekly. We are the primary source of income for most of them and they are deeply committed and loyal. They throw themselves into their work – they are eager to prove themselves, substantiate their talent, and build their portfolio shooting for aspirational DTC brands like you.

While we pride ourself on our exclusivity and insistence on quality, we also, in the same breath, pride ourselves on our inclusion. Our top creators live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Boston, Massachusetts. One is partially blind. Some shoot lifestyle and some shoot product. All races, all genders, all backgrounds. The work speaks. An elegant, creative, meritocracy.

Our platform works very simply – brands (or individuals for that matter) can post a job seeking images or videos. Our photographers & videographers will bid on the job. The brand can pick which creator they think is the best fit and sign a contract. Then assets (images & videos) get delivered. Once approved, the creator gets paid. Everything happens on our platform. And everything is ridiculously straightforward.

So far, we have facilitated thousands of shoots and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for our most talented photographers. By 2022, we aim to bring $1MM worth of work to the strongest 10,000 creators in our community.

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