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How to Monetize Your Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram have gone far beyond a simple photo sharing platform in the past several years. Throughout the rise of social media, users have found their own ways to make money off of their favorite platforms including everything from video reviews on YouTube to sponsored posts on Instagram. Here are 5 ways […]

How to Write a Killer Artist Bio

One of the first things a person looks at when they visit your website or your social media is the bio or about page. Whether you’re a photographer, blogger, model or offer any type of service, this page is crucial to your brand. Not only can it help you stand out from the crowd, it […]

H Collective’s Watch & Learn

Do you want to be a professional photographer or a model? Not sure how to get to the next level? No worries. We’ve got you. For Watch & Learn, we interviewed some of the pros; Dave Krugman, Griffin Arnlund, Allegra Messina, Zachary Leung, and many more. Find out what they shoot with, how they shoot, how […]

Grow Your Instagram with Feature Pages

It’s no secret that growing an Instagram account is hard work. Whether it’s posting great content, engaging with others, utilizing IG stories and writing thoughtful captions, building a following online can be a long and sometimes tedious process. But there is one way to quickly put your content in front of brand new eyes while […]

How to Successfully Go Live on Instagram

In November 2016, Instagram released a brand new feature allowing users to go live directly through the app. Everyone from brands to influencers and photographers was able to jump on board with this new addition, yet many users have yet to experiment with Instagram Live. Going live on camera can be scary at first, but […]

How to Create More Engaged Followers on Instagram

With so many people noticing a drop in their overall reach, engagement on Instagram has become more important than ever. From authentic comments to engaging captions, boosting your engagement is a great way to also boost your posts in the algorithm. According to Brand Watch, engagement on Instagram is nearly 10x higher than Facebook and […]

Social Media Trends to Try in 2018

Between algorithm changes, updates and saturated content, it can be harder than ever before to capture your audience’s attention on social media. Strategies are created using trial and error to find what works best for your own brand, whether that’s more video content or incorporating micro-influencers and chatbots. Social media is constantly growing and evolving, […]

Tips for Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

Having more than one social media account is becoming even more common these days. Whether you’re organizing multiple accounts for clients or even just switching between your own personal and business accounts, it can be hard to keep everything on track. Each platform has its own way of scheduling, but many tools such as Buffer […]

How To Start A Successful Blog (And Make $$!)

Building your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter following are all essential, but linking your work to your website is an amazing way to show a complete body of your work and greaten your potential to work with brands and companies for sponsorships. By creating a blog you’re also able to gain more followers, views to your website, […]


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