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In The Name of Art: A Case Against “Content”

Content or Creating? About four years ago, I heard a friend of mine say that “it’s all about the content” at a dinner party, and I squint-smiled at him because I had no idea what he was talking about. If I let myself get really philosophical, I still don’t, but some years & a move […]

Texas Photography: 25 Scenic Photo Ops in the Lone Star State

Texas ranks behind Alaska as the second largest U. State. It is absolutely gigantic, roughly the size of France plus Switzerland, or twice the size of Germany. Visitors are amazed at the diversity of landscape—grasslands, deserts, prairies, coastal swamps, forests, and mountains—in addition to architectural elements, both old and new. Therefore, it is not surprising […]

Top Moments to Capture in Quinceañera Photography

A young girl’s 15th birthday, called the Quinceañera, celebrates the transition from a child to a young woman. The event begins with a religious ceremony and is followed by a party with family and friends. Historically, the becoming-of-age-tradition, akin to a bat mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen, or debutante ball, was most celebrated in Mexico and other […]

10 Mental Hurdles Every Artist Has To Overcome

For artists, creative genius is not something that magically occurs overnight. Instead, creating a work of art requires countless hours of reflection, vision, planning, design, and motivation. Artists often struggle to find their muse and create original works of art. Simply put, in a world full of phenomenal and inspirational art, artists are constantly working […]


Every week, H Collective chooses 5-10 of their favorites images from the #MetOnTheHub tag on Instagram and compiles them into a short list for the community to vote on! Every Thursday evening, the photographer and model with the most votes will receive $100 each and H will announce the next set of finalists. In doing […]

The Best Places To Capture Incredible Island Photography Content

The world is filled with incredible islands, every spot more beautiful than the next. Each of these islands ranges in landscape orientation and diverse scenery. From roaring ocean beaches’ to sand dunes, along with handfuls of mountainsides and lush forest sprinkled in between. There’s no set expectation or standardize view when it comes to the […]

Canadian Creators That Are Absolutely Crushing The Photo Game

We’re back with some of our favorite Hub members based in Canada. I think a lot of people often forget that Canada is the globe’s second largest country and so it’s no surprise that it houses a never-ending variety of landscapes. Sky-high mountains, glinting glaciers, lush rainforests, and remote beaches all spread across six time […]


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