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My Come Up: Sean Dackermann, Photographer

Everyone’s come up is different, but for the ones that truly experience the “somethin from nothin’” way of momentum, the structure is all the same. It involves a relentless dedication, the willingness to fail, the willingness to succeed, a burning desire to be extremely uncomfortable in order to find out what works for you and […]

Meet Up Recap: San Francisco with Mollie and DJ

Two Core H members, Mollie and DJ, hosted a meet up in San Francisco a few weeks ago! Mollie tells us a little bit about the experience. “DJ and I had already hosted a meet up together prior to this one, so I think going into it we were a little less nervous because, in […]

Grown by Joshua Duttweiler

I had the incredible experience of collaborating with a few different artists to create this series, Grown. The idea of exploring a relationship between human and plant-life had been rolling around my head for a while, but I knew it wouldn’t happen unless I pushed for it. As a freelancer, it’s usually difficult to find […]

My Come Up: Bethan Miller, Music Photographer

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life while I was growing up. I was always a creative kid who loved music; who used to skip school, queue up for shows and travel across the country just to get a spot at the front and to experience my favourite bands live. […]

Dare to Downgrade – Should You Make The Switch To Film?

The next best thing may not be the next best thing for you. This world is progressing, technologically, like no other time in history. Everything is in the palm of our hand…so close, so accessible, and seemingly inseparable. Why would we want anything to change? For some of us, it’s bothersome that we spend more […]

Q&A: Jordan Voth, Adventure Wedding Photographer

Jordan is a portrait & wedding photographer based out of Seattle, WA. Being out in the mountains in the fresh air amongst the silence is where he feels most at home. Jordan aims to combine the great outdoors in so much of his wedding photography. Q: How did you get started in photography? A: I’ve […]

Humbled to Learn

We cross paths with many influential people on a day to day basis, who tend to either intimidate us or make us feel somewhat jealous. From the photographer on Instagram who challenges you to explore and capture the world around you, to the musician who inspires your creativity with their carefully crafted melodies, to the […]

My Come Up: With Model Courtney Quinn

I discovered I wanted to model around the age of 13. I saw girls like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, etc. in all the magazines and I knew I didn’t want to end up like them. So I wondered, “Where are the celebrities that are trying to be a good influence to other girls?” That’s when […]

If You Don’t Understand What “H” is, This is the Article for You

Summary For Readers: H is a community of creators. We connect creators to each other and to brands. A few months ago, H launched a digital platform. It’s called The Hub. The Hub is a series of tools that help creators. There’s a search feature to find creators like you, a messaging feature to communicate […]

My Come Up: Sean Dackermann, Shooting My First Concert

The one event that sticks out the me the most that I will always remember since it was my first big concert show was the Wale headline show at Baltimore’s Artscape in 2010. I had never shot concert photography before that. I thought to myself though, “man, this would be an awesome experience. I need […]


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