Sotheby’s Museum Network

As steadfast advocates of the arts, we at the Hub feel perfectly aligned with the Museum Network’s mission. So it’s no surprise that we worked with Sotheby’s to elevate the Museum Network’s Internet presence and spread the organization’s good vibes. The goal? To get people who’re interested in the arts excited about visiting the many beautiful museums around the world irl.

To do this, we tapped The Hub’s widespread network of photographers to shoot museums all over the country, effectively bringing photographers into these locations to experience art firsthand and create their own art in the process. We also created city-specific sizzle videos showcasing various museums in marquee cites. It’s a beautiful partnership, really—one that gets people psyched about art in general and also inspires people to make their own art along the way.

“The Hub provided us with smart content and a built in distribution strategy…they have produced a high quality work at over a dozen different museums and galleries across the country. Their content is faster, more relevant, and most importantly, better, than any other agency in the space.”