Playa Viva

Coastal Dreaming

What Went Down

With 40 of our creators, we have now taken three trips to Playa Viva, a luxury regenerative resort located in Juluchuca, Mexico, where we conceived a content strategy, shot hundreds of images, and posted to our Instagrams generating over 20 million impressions. In this time, we have more than doubled Playa Viva’s Instagram following and have been introduced to their parent company, Regenerative Resorts, to work across other hotels.








Creators from The Hub have come to Playa Viva three times now. Over 20 people with different styles and talents. Across these trips the Hub provided us with hundreds of images and videos which we use across our socials and in our email marketing. They generated millions of impressions through posts helping to grow our Instagram faster and generate more sales through social.

David Leventhal, Founder @ Playa Viva

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