Tava Hoag

Top 5 Portrait Photographers on The Hub

We’re back with some of our favorite portrait photographers on the Hub. First, let’s talk about what portrait photography is. Google defines it as a photograph of a person or people that…

How Do You Become a Freelancer

How Do You Become a Freelancer?

Here’s a breakdown of what it means to be working freelance. And, answering the question – how do you become a freelancer? I remember growing up and going to school I always…

Introverted Creatives

Tips for Introverted Creatives

Would you consider yourself an introverted creative? Here are some tips for more comfortable social and professional engagement. Growing up as an extremely shy individual I had to learn over time how…

New York City Modeling Agencies

Top New York City Modeling Agencies

Are you a model in New York? Here are the top New York City Modeling Agencies to work with today. Talented models are everywhere. Before Instagram helped make it possible for these…

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