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We make a point to partner with companies who align with our progressive values. This week, we crafted a Carolee Jewelry campaign for PRIDE month centered around inclusivity and androgynous beauty.

Special thanks for our wonderful models, Logan, Dominique, Justice, Sebastian, West Dakota, Olivia, and Shaina.


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Each week, we publish several lists on our H Marketplace that highlight our creators on The Hub. You can browse my skill, style, location and more. Our goal is to promote our community and get you hired. Here are our favorite featured lists from this past week.

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Eva Reign

As an LGBTQ+ creator, Eva Reign uses art and storytelling to show how she can be of help and safety for others who might be going through a similar transitional journey. She is a St. Louis native but a Brooklyn-based actor, writer, digital media manager for The Marsha P. Johnson Institution, and participant of Landyn Pan‘s photo series “trans & GNC naked paint party”. Read more about Eva below.

Eva Reign: Art And The Trans Community #PRIDE


Misel Gilbert

Stylist + Production Assistant

Misel is 23 years old, from Burgundy, France. She comes to H with experience in the fashion and modeling industry. Her fiery personality and philosophical mind makes her a force of nature. You’re all thinking it, she’s just saying it. Say hello!

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