H’s Cross-Country Tour: Chicago

H's Cross-Country Tour: Chicago
Aaron Bean

Stop 1: Chicago

Over the next 10 weeks, H is zeroing in on 10 major cities across the country. Each week, we’ll be deploying all resources to show one particular city some well-earned love. These cities represent large creative hubs within our overarching “H Hub,” and we are extremely excited to engage with and highlight the people, places, and stories that make each of them unique.

Stop 1: The “Windy City!” This week, we’ll be promoting all sorts of content and activity relevant to the creative community in Chicago, Monday to Sunday. And to cap off the week with a bang, we’re hosting an H photo meetup for all creators in the area. Stay tuned to our various social channels to feel the love we got for you, Chicago!

Highlights to look forward to:

  • Referral Challenge: Refer your creative friends to join The Hub. The Chicago native with the most referrals through Sunday will win $150 in cash.
  • Stories behind many of Chicago’s most inspirational creators.
  • Chicago-based creators’ favorite places to shoot in the city.
  • Photo Meet-Up: 1-3PM on Sunday, January 13 @ 3641 S Morgan Street, Unit 1, Chicago, IL 60609. Hosts: Kohl Murdock & Yu Miao.
  • H to hire 2 creators from Chicago to shoot for our #MetOnTheHub campaign.

Let’s get after it, Chicago!

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