These Fantastic Hair Straighteners Are 80% Off Right Now

There are plenty of tremendous hair straighteners on the market, but they usually come with a pretty hefty price tag. That’s why the following straighteners are so special. Each one is currently around 80 percent off the original price, and they are all absolutely incredible products.

In other words, if you’re in need of a new hair straightener, you’ve come to the right place. Each one has its own unique perks. Each one has its own beautiful design as well. And did we mention the amazing prices?

Platinum Zebra Hair Straightener

First up is the Platinum Zebra 1.25″ Hair Straightener. It was originally $299, but that price has been slashed to just $49. That’s an 83 percent discount! To put it simply, this incredible hair straightener isn’t messing around. It has 100% ceramic plates (which won’t peel like plates made out of metal), a professional length power cord, and it even comes with a stylish travel case.

The 1.25″ extra wide floating ceramic plates distribute heat more evenly than traditional plates, and they are great for straightening thicker and longer hair. However, this thing works for all kinds of hair. Oh, and it utilizes negative ion technology as well, which enriches your hair every time you use it.

And did we mention that it has a zebra pattern? Yep. Pretty awesome.

STYLIT Professional Straightening Ionic Hair Brush
KoKo Keratin

The fantastic STYLIT Professional Straightening Ionic Hair Brush is 78 percent off right now. Originally, it was $129, but now it’s $28. How cool is that? To be fair, this thing would be worth buying no matter what the price was. First off, it’s a hair brush and a hair straightener all in one. So if you’re looking for something that detangles and straightens hair at the same time, look no further.

The STYLIT also has a helpful temperature display, heat proof bristles, universal voltage, an 8 foot 360 degree tangle-free swivel cord, an ionic output, and a 60 minute automatic shut off feature.

You can brush, straighten, and save some dough… all at the same time.

Fairytale Bliss Silicone Flat Iron

The powerful and sleek Fairytale Bliss 1″ Silicone Flat Iron is quite simply a phenomenal hair straightener. It also has an amazing price. It was originally $225, and now it’s only $39 (an 82 percent discount). In addition to having an elegant and simple design (how about that color?), this thing will straighten even the thickest of hair without an issue.

It has simple temperature controls, a 360 degree swivel cord, a red LED indicator light, ceramic coated plates, a built-in ionic generator, and fantastic temperature control (based on your hair type).

If you’re on the market for a lightweight straightener that won’t let you down, and that is also pink, then look no further.

One of these hair straighteners is likely to become a trusty addition to your hair care regime.


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