5 Quirky Gadgets To Bring To Your Next Photoshoot

These photo gadgets are fun and create impressive results for your clients.

You should never show up to a photoshoot unprepared. Even though you could get away with shooting basic, traditional pictures of your subject, you should want to go the extra mile. You should want to wow them with visual effects. In order to accomplish that (and possibly earn a tip in the process), you should bring these quirky gadgets to your next photoshoot. They will lead to the most stunning portraits you have ever taken.

Portable Light Wand

If you need good lighting on the go, then you can carry around this travel wand. You can quickly disassemble it to make it fit inside of your bag. Then, when you are ready to use it again, you can piece it together and choose from a color filter that will give you complete control over your exposure and outlining. This device will mount on the most basic tripods, making it easy to snap photographs. With this wand, every shot will be a perfect shot!

Glass Triangular Prism

Use this crystal to make rainbows in your photos! It is the perfect size for most lenses and it will add artistic touches to your portraits. With the help of mirrors, you can reflect the rainbow onto a wall, ceiling, or the face of a subject. Pro Tip: The colors will appear the most vibrant if you have sunlight streaming through an open window and leave the rest of the room in darkness, creating a noticeable contrast. This glass triangular prism is small and easy to use — and when you do use it, you will be able to snap unique, once in a lifetime photographs that appear much more artsy than traditional shots.

QuickSnap Single Use Camera

Add some fun to your digital set with disposable cameras that shoot awesome photos! These ergonomic cameras contain large viewfinders which make it easy for you to frame your photographs. They can be used both indoors and outdoors because the flash system with a light filter is going to keep every subject illuminated. You don’t have to be a wedding guest in order to snap photos with disposable cameras anymore. You can use these during professional photoshoots in order to achieve a different perspective than usual. You might like what you see.

Datacolor SpyderCube

The SpyderCube is an important piece of photographic equipment. It acts as a reference tool to achieve accurate colors. It allows you to set the right white balance, exposure, contrast, and black level when editing pictures. It is the perfect replacement for traditional gray cards. Plus, it is small, which means it will fit snuggly inside of your photo bag. You won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it at home and ruining a shoot because it will always be in the same spot as your camera.

Atmosphere Aerosol

Want to make cool fog? Here’s how! Instead of lugging around a giant fog machine, this small spray bottle will create the same impressive effect in the matter of seconds. All you have to do is shake the can and spray down to create a visually stunning haze. It will make forest photographs appear spookier. It will make wedding photographs appear more magical. It will transform any drab background into something special. The best part? You can’t tell the difference from this and real fog. Your photographs will fool everyone!

If you want to take elaborate, impressive photographs, then you should think about bringing these quirky gadgets to your next photoshoot. They will make each one of your pictures stand out from the rest.

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