Win A Trip To Mexico By Raising Awareness For Climate Change With The Environmental Defense Fund

Photo by Andrew Kearns

“I’m honored to partner with @environmental_defense_fund on their #SoItLasts campaign, sharing this set of images from a place that means so much to me – Lake 22. I’ve done this hike many times, maybe even 22 times. This zone holds so many memories but most of all this is where my love for the outdoors started. It was the first hike where I was just blown away by the nature around me and ignited my love for the outdoors. How could you not be? 2,000ft cliffs covered in giant trees surrounding a pristine blue lake. It’s truly a special place to me – I’ve experienced mid-summer swims, seen the whole cliffside avalanche in winter, hiked with & met some of my biggest inspirations here, and the day my mom passed this is the first place I came to. Lake 22 holds many memories and is important to me, I share these photos #SoItLasts. I encourage you to donate or buy a print to support the @environmental_defense_fund and help preserve these incredible places. Find more info on the work they do through the link in my bio, or through my story.” – Andrew Kearns

At H, we try to only work with clients that we really believe in – quality products and thoughtful causes. One of our recent clients is very near to my heart (I don’t know if you guys knew this but I actually grew up on a farm). The Environmental Defense Fund is the single most important non-profit in the country fighting climate change and trying to save our planet.

We worked with the Environmental Defense Fund to hire 20 of our favorite photographers across the country. People like Andrew Kearns, Alicia Ward, Tyler Glass, and more. You can see some of their work below. All twenty creators shot against the same brief – essentially shooting a natural environment that matters most to them (i.e the pond where their grandfather taught them to fish, or the field where they proposed to their wife). The campaign is designed to spread awareness – to make people realize that, if we aren’t careful, these fields and mountains and streams we love so much will not last.

So…we need your help. But, in typical H fashion, we aren’t just going to ‘ask’ we are going to ‘give’ too. Here’s the challenge:

Help us raise $10,000 to help the Environmental Defense Fund:

DONATE $5+ to help stop global warming
POST a photograph on Instagram that shows your favorite natural environment. Tell the story of why it matters to you and use @environmental_defense_fund and #SoItLasts. Also, encourage your followers to donate to this worthy cause with a swipe up to THIS DONATION PAGE on your story
We will pick our 10 favorite posts / stories and fly them to Playa Viva Eco-Resort in Mexico in 2019 to join the H team for four days of helping the environment and creating.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!
James Cole, Founder
Photo by Alicia Ward

“…the care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope.”- Wendell Berry

I regularly receive messages from impassioned people feeling inspired to contribute to ocean conservation but who are unsure as to how they can help. Amidst the multitudinous methods of activism, preservation, and conservation (i.e. mindful consuming, recycling, utilizing renewable energy, reducing use of non-sustainable resources, etc.) I also recommend supporting organizations whose focused work and dedication produce environmentally responsible / supportive results.

I recently partnered with the @environmental_defense_fund as I have been thoroughly impressed with the work they’ve done over the past 50 years. They have been a major force for banning toxic chemicals (like DDT), advocated to prohibit whaling in the 70s, collaborated with some of the world’s largest corporations to reduce greenhouse gasses and have focused heavily on researching and finding solutions to reduce climate change.

In 2015, @_jimward_ and I were heartbroken to watch over 50% of the coral in our hometown bleach due to a sustained period of high water temperatures. The bleaching event motivated us, not to sit in despair, but to work towards finding a solution. Supporting organizations like the EDF is an easy and simple way everyone can participate in making the world a better place. I hope someday we look back on climate change like we do on whaling in the U.S. : We recognize the mistakes we made, we change our behavior and we look towards a future of abundance. #SoItLasts | Photo by @_jimward_ @seethroughsea” – Alicia Ward

Photo by Tyler Glass

“Ever since I got into photography, my ultimate goal has been to encourage others to care about the conservation and protection of our wonderful planet. I figured that if I could create something that made them want to go out and see it themselves, then maybe there was a chance that they’d go out there and fight to protect it as well.

This being said, I am beyond stoked to announce that I am partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund in an effort to promote their mission to preserve the natural systems on which life depends. The EDF has worked hard for decades to solve critical problems facing our climate, oceans, ecosystems, and overall health of our planet.

My birthday is this week and I have never been much of a gift person. For those of you with any spare change and perhaps some of you can skip that cup of coffee today, I’d be honored if you considered the link in my bio and donated to an organization that has been fighting for the places we love for over 50 years and I know will continue to do so. Any amount is appreciated and means the world to both EDF and me.

Our planet is something that is worth fighting for, and this is one way that you and I can join the fight. #SoItLasts” – Tyler Glass

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