10 Reasons to Follow Your Passion in The Creative Industry

Photo by Natalia Wajda

Passion, when used as a noun, is closely related to someone’s true love. It is something that you care deeply about and would move mountains to achieve. We all need a sense of purpose that’s driving us, something that we want to give to the world and help to deliver to others. Without it, our lives lack meaning. Yet, there are so many people in this world who never achieve their passion, who allow their self-doubt or fear to influence their decisions and they make up excuses while time continues to pass by. A passion doesn’t have to be something as big as curing world hunger, it can be as small as reading a book a week. It is whatever makes you happy or whatever makes you remember the beauty and love that surround you. The important thing is to always make time for your passion and to chase it no matter what. You can also have multiple passions, some of mine are travel, writing, and inspiring others to find their happiness. I try my best to live my life in accordance with those three ideals.

I am currently reading The Alchemist and it has struck so much meaning for me. It talks about finding your purpose within you and then going after it. We forget that we have one life to live. We let fear dictate where our path takes us, and we also forget that if we don’t like something we can always, always make a change to put us in a better place.

Trust me, I have felt lost, alone, defeated and it was terrifying. I had lost the spark that had driven me for so many years. I stopped seeing the point. I was stuck in the monotony of routine, unable to find my way out of the situation. I felt trapped and I began hurting the relationships I had with others because I couldn’t admit that I was the problem. Yet, it was in those moments of self-doubt, and almost giving up that I found the will to keep going. I guess it’s when you feel like you have nothing left to lose that you can really go after what you wanted all along. Here at H, we put together a list of 10 reasons why you should always run after those passions, we hope that they help you find your way.

1. Life is too short:

Life is fragile, it’s delicate, it’s here one moment, and gone the next. As cliche as it sounds, it is nothing but true. I could write this piece for you and then go for a walk outside, get hit by a car, and die. It sounds incredibly morbid and it most likely won’t happen but the fact that it could keep me from ever wanting to live a day of my life that I don’t enjoy in some way. We have a shelf life and I encourage you all to have the best shelf life you can.

2. You’ll add more value to the world:

When you love something you end up delivering far more than what is expected of you. You’ll throw yourself entirely into a project and you will want to help others because you are so happy with what you, yourself are doing that it seems only right to give some advice back to the world. We all have something to offer, it’s up to us to figure out what that is. Taking off after something you love is a really good start.

Photo by Natalia Wajda

3. Your dreams will manifest into reality:

This may seem unbelievable but have faith. The second you begin going after and doing what you love you are already realizing a dream. You’ll stop losing drive and focus and instead you will be on that path that you always wanted to be on.

4. Being afraid means you are doing something right:

If you spend your whole life avoiding the things that make you uncomfortable or scare you then you will never be able to grow as a person and you probably won’t ever find your passion at all. Fear can be healthy, it can be a great indicator that you are going in the right direction. We all want comfort and stability, but the only way to know what that is like is to be afraid and to head into the unknown.

5. You’ll forget about those who say you can’t do it:

Negativity will always be in this world. There will be people who try to bring you down because of their own selfish reasons, especially when you are in the middle of following your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you to be more realistic or what to think. Form your own opinion, go after it, and you know what? If it all doesn’t work out then at least you tried and the only time you will ever have peace of mind is if you go after something yourself without the opinions of others chirping in your ear.

Photo by Natalia Wajda

6. It gives you a sense of purpose:

When you follow your passion it gives you a reason to exist in this world. Your passion no matter what it is will allow you to become unselfish. You will be more accepting of others, you’ll realize that not everyone has the same goals or dreams. You’ll be ok with that and be able to live a more fulfilling life as your purpose grows.

7. You will relate more to what you are doing and come up with better ideas:

There will always be highs and lows, but when you are passionate about something you can look past the dull days. Your creative process will change and you will be able to come up with so much more than you ever could before.

8. It will help you build character:

It takes true strength to go after what you love in life. You will reach new understandings about things in life and it will help you become a more well-rounded individual.

Photo by Natalia Wajda

9. You’ll finally appreciate the value of a dream:

Passions in life will change. I don’t believe that there is only one thing we are meant to do. After you have already found and gone after your passion you will better appreciate of a dream, what it represents and you will also possess the drive and courage to chase it for the second time. Starting is always the hardest, once you’ve done it once you will be able to do it again.

10. No matter how much money you make, nothing will help you overcome the feeling of doing something you hate:

Many people take the easy way, and what appears to be the safest way when they first start out. They don’t realize that down the line it may make them unhappy. Going after something is scary, it’s unstable, and you don’t know if it will even work out. Not trying, however, is worse. This is when you will feel stuck, dissatisfied, and unable to do anything you really want. Don’t let it get to that point because you can have all of the money in the world but then look back at your life and realize you never enjoyed it at all.  

Remember, passion takes the time it won’t happen overnight. The key is to stay patient and always realize that at any point you can change your life. We are never stuck as long as we let our minds wander we can find a solution. So go after it, realize what it is first, do some soul searching, and then chase the hell out of those dreams people no matter what!

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