The Best Content Creators in Nashville Right Now

The Hub is a worldwide platform for visually driven creators to come together, connect, and inspire. Displaying the work of photographers, videographers, stylists, makeup artists, and models H provides potential opportunities for creatives to do the work they love in a productive setting with other like-minded individuals. Their “Hub” of activity paves the way for artistically driven relationships to be born. Below you will find 10 creatives to keep an eye on throughout this year from Nashville, Tennessee. Hopefully, you enjoy them as much as we do.

Jak Kaiser

Jak is one of our wonderful picks for inspiring creators in Nashville. She is a writer and artist who does her best to seek the beauty in all things, in all situations, and in everyone she meets. She spends most of her days writing, painting, and creating social media content for humans and brands while providing creative direction.

Jess Williams

Jess Williams is a commercial photographer, military photojournalist, and enjoys taking cool photos of cool people. Jess’s love of photography developed during his first deployment in the military back in 2006. Jess is a big fan of communicating thoughts and emotions through his camera. He says that he eats, sleeps, and breathes photography and the smallest tasks like brushing teeth can turn into a photo project. To Jess, the best photos happen when the environment is fun and relaxed. If the subject feels like they have known the photographer forever then their true self will come out. He loves to build lasting connections with his clients and shooting on locations to experiment with lighting. Collaborations are also a key ingredient to his success, the input of others always helps him learn and grow.

Sam Frawley

Sam loves to take photos of people and places. He is always looking for the next place to explore. To him, photography is a way to capture and preserve the beauty and mystery of the world he experiences. His biggest interests are portrait, lifestyle, and travel/landscape photography. He shoots with digital and 35mm film cameras. Sam is also a graphic designer and creative at Parachute Media in East Nashville. His work feels authentic and grounded.

Zack Massey  

Zack is a photographer and videographer who also does content creation for iHeartRadio, who supports over 880 websites with visual content. He loves to capture moments in order to visually communicate them with others, it has become an indelible part of his life. Zack’s biggest goal is to leave the world better than he found it. He wants the stories he tells to show people that they can achieve whatever they want as long as they push themselves to their goal.

Justin March

Justin is a fine art and commercial photographer. He originally moved to Nashville to study music business at Belmont University. After graduating and began working as a studio recording engineer. Soon after he began taking photos and discovered a new passion linking his affection for photography with his music career. He has taken photos for brands and artists as well as album arts and promotional pictures. Currently, Justin is seeking ways to express himself even more creatively. His work can be very abstract with a lot of focus on colors, shadows, and shapes. It is simply beautiful.

Rachel Li

Rachel is a fashion blogger with a computer science degree from Nashville, TN. She makes sure to have a varied fashion style in order to pull many people in with wide interests. The photos were taken, and poses were hit. It’s a wonderful combination on her Instagram. She always has new posts going up on her blog so be sure to check her out.

Robbie Hall

Robbie Hall does nature, aerial, and portrait photography in Nashville. His work is strong, it’s creative, it’s passionate, and it makes you want more. Robbie is a very good visual storyteller, there’s always something more behind each image and he makes that very easy to see. His tones are Instagram are very well done, the edits are crips, and the vibes his page give off are both carefree and professional all at once. 

Lauren Staub

Lauren, as you may be able to guess is a red-headed model in Nashville. She actually became a model by accident. During college, she interviewed for Fashion Week for fun. What she initially thought would be a hobby turned into a true thriving passion. She took on projects and formed a diverse portfolio to present to various agencies. Her original plan was to earn a Ph.D. and become a Literature Professor. Instead, Lauren began to pursue creativity outside of the written word and she found an outlet for the ideas in her head and for her trials in life as well.  Ultimately she hopes to use all of her experiences to become a creative director for a production company in the near future. Until then she will never forget how fortunate she is. And getting to work on set with so many other creatives still overwhelmingly humbles her. If there’s one thing Lauren wants others to know it’s that, one thought, one decision, one night can truly alter everything.

Ashtin Paige

Ashtin does mainly portrait photography out of Nashville. She started off as a wedding photographer in San Antonio, Texas. Then after spending a week in Nashville, she moved there. Now she works full time as a photographer, studio owner, and creative consultant. Recently, she has been working with small businesses, designers, and local musicians in Nashville on social media management. She is the co-founder of the online production At Her Table, as well as the creator of the coffee table book titled, The Book of Mama set to come out in 2019. She is a very successful woman and there is a lot of love easily seen behind her photos. 

Acacia Evans

Acacia is into picture taking and social media management. She is the creator of Big City Thoughts a digital magazine. Her work is varied. On her Instagram, you will find portraits, music shots, and personal moments. All of her work is great quality and it’s plain to see she loves what she does. 

We have given you a lot of information. So take your time, sort through it all and make sure you check these amazing people out. After all, you never know your next big idea or collaboration could be waiting behind the links to these profiles. Until our next list, keep creating, there’s always a masterpiece about to happen.

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