How Do I Get An H Hat?

Did you know that one of the first pictorial depictions of a hat came from 3200 BC Egypt? Yeah, you probably didn’t. Yet, it’s interesting that hats have played a prominent role throughout the development of civilization and we do not know how invented them and when exactly they were established. That being said they have certainly served many purposes throughout its history. Hats were first coined to protect humans from the sun when out working for long hours in fields or building ancient cities. Granted they still can be used for that simple purpose they are so much more today. For one there seems to be an endless variety of hats. There’s sun hats, berets, fedoras, beanies, cowboy, and the good ole ball cap. Now, as history progressed hats became used as a status symbol. The nicer the hat the higher the class. They made up uniforms and were something that should be achieved. Again, time wore on and hats become something different. Hats now serve as a fashion symbol, a way to express your individuality and creative expression. So what better way to represent a creative community’s symbol than a nice classic baseball cap?

Where Can I Find the H Hat?

The illustrious H Hat is available on H’s online store. And guess what everyone! We not only have the infamous pink hat we also have a black hat available for those that think they are too cool for our amazing pink option. The tagline on the hat is “We put them in our store so you can put them on your head.” Buying and wearing an H Hat may not seem special when there are ways to win one, which we will get to later, but just owning a hat is special enough. Why?

Think of it this way. Most of us buy hats for one of four reasons, first because they look good with our outfits, second because they keep our heads warm, third because we went somewhere cool and need to bring back tourist gifts for family and friends, and finally four because we are passionate about whatever the hat may represent. The goal with an H hat is to have as many members of our community wearing them as possible to showcase their passion and support of the creative hub they are a part of. We want you to show off your love and support of H, a company that supports and encourages you in return. Personally, I am a big fan of stories and conversation, and how the one leads to another. For example, I have an opal necklace that I wear all of the time that I was given by my parents, it’s small, understated, and it always sparks a compliment which allows me to thank someone, tell them it’s my birthstone, then if further questions are asked I get to talk about Octobers spent in New England and how much I love Halloween. From one piece of fashion I am able to talk about some of the things I am interested in, that make me… well me. So even if you don’t win an H hat buy one instead because this is the perfect opportunity for you to look good, and for you to have an excuse to discuss H and all that it stands for next time someone says “cool hat” to you.

How To Get An H Hat For Free

Okay, now let’s talk “free” H hats and ways you can earn an H hat without purchasing one.

1. Go to events that H Collective Hosts.

Different events that H puts together may consist of opportunities to win a hat. For example, at the H gallery exhibition in San Francisco at the end of April, there was a free raffle that all guests were entered into upon entrance to the gallery. At the end of the night, H apparel was raffled off. There were enough clothing/other items to give away to about 15 different people. So that’s another way to get a hat and to meet some pretty dope people along the way.

2. Giveaways/Contests on The Hub

Be on the lookout for different contests and giveaways that are advertised on The Hub Highlight as well as H’s Instagram page. From things like the weekly #METONTHEHUB challenge to the referral challenge, or our reason to roam contest, and (coming sooner than you think) holiday gear giveaways. All of these things typically involve H apparel and the hat is among things that can be given out to members of the community. So get ready because the opportunity for a free hat could strike tomorrow. Always be on the lookout. I also am a firm believer that winning a hat is the way to go because it makes for an even more interesting story than “Oh, this hat? I just bought it from this company called H.” Winning a hat gives you, the wearer the excuse to brag about how you won it and blah, blah, blah…you get the picture.

Well…don’t you just want to be part of the cool kids club? I know I can’t wait to go to the next meet-up wearing my stylish pink H Hat. So people, what can you do? You can buy a cap for your pretty little head, or dream up something amazing that will win you one no matter what.

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