H Collective and Lexar’s San Francisco Local Photo Gallery

The end of a great week. 1114 Folsom Street in San Francisco saw some amazing work by local artists in the Bay Area last weekend. H Collective co-hosted a gallery exhibit with Lexar in order to showcase some talented photographers, hang out with members of the community, and have a fun night with people who are passionate about sharing their work and empowering other creators to do the same.

For those of you who made it out, thank you for coming and we hope you had a wonderful time. Anyone who was unable to attend we hope to host more events like this so keep your eyes peeled for information concerning our next get together. The night was filled with music, talks featuring the artists themselves, and a free raffle entry with giveaways for both Lexar must-have accessories, and of course some H gear. Just think, if you had made it out you would have had the chance to win the coveted Hand-Painted Jacket. I’ll admit I am still a bit salty that I didn’t come home with that one.

So why did we co-host this event and what is the story behind it? Well, Hub member Joey Lopez is where it all began.

Joey has been involved with H Collective for some time now and he frequently would post his work to the Critique Corner. He ended up winning a Critique Corner contest and for his prize, he was awarded $100. Rather, than take the money, Joey decided he wanted to give back to the community. H Collective created so much value for Joey as a photographer, he was able to do what he loves and gain exposure by showing his work and sharing it with other members of the Hub. Because of this, he wanted to share the money with the people who provided him with the spotlight for his work. He decided that hosting an event would be the best option because it would allow him and all of those in attendance to meet other artists who share similar passions.
Joey is also the Senior Marketing Manager at Lexar wanted to collaborate with H and bring more awareness to both companies that are in the city attempting to reach the same goal.

Lexar is a company based in San Jose, CA dedicated to memory solutions. For more than 20 years, Lexar has been a globally trusted brand in memory solutions. With products ranging from USBs to Readers, and Storage Drives to Memory Cards, Lexar has what every photographer needs whether a professional or beginner. Their goal is to provide quality products, while also becoming more involved with the photo community.

For Joey, this Gallery Exhibit was a way to showcase how much both H Collective and Lexar care about the community and personalized interaction within the creative space. It’s not about a faceless transaction or post online both companies want to humanize themselves and welcome people in. As Joey perfectly put it, “You can’t be part of a community without being active in a community” The photo walks, talks, speaking events, and galleries are essential to building connections, meeting people, and bringing recognition to one another.

Creative communities everywhere tend to get very competitive and in a World of increasing swipes, likes, and double taps it’s even more important to get out and meet one another, form bonds, collaborate, and encourage. The more support companies and artists give one another the greater the art will grow.

Photos by Joey Lopez

There, of course, is so much talent everywhere which is easily evident when searching creatives through H. Inspiring work is being created all over the world as we speak. Every second a photographer, a model, a writer is envisioning and inventing something. It is a wonderful thought. However, Joey really wanted to focus on the talent in San Francisco and the Bay Area. He feels that the City often gets overlooked but has a growing Fashion and Portrait scene. To pay tribute to this Joey chose artists that he has met personally. His goal was to showcase talent along with humble/genuine people. Of course, great art should be recognized, but Joey feels that great art by great people needs to be recognized and brought to the limelight. So Shannon (H’s Head of Community) and Joey picked six talented, down-to-earth people who care about engagement within the community.

The photographers chosen were featured at Folsom Street with three of their photos on the wall.

We had photos from, Joey Lopez, John Randolph Thatcher, Jon Cruz, Amanda Walker, Maxwell Swift, and Alberto Villa.  Take the time to check out their work, you will find yourself captivated.

Photos by Maxwell Swift

The takeaway message for the night is one that every creator should live by. Remember going forward that we do this for the stories, the experiences that come from each shoot. We do it for the tales and the adventures that happen along the way. We create art for the bonds we will form with other people, and the journey we will have both individually and collectively.

Photos by John Thatcher

Thank you to H Collective, Lexar, Shannon, and Joey for a wonderful event. Thank you and congratulations to the artists chosen to be represented. And thank you to all of the guests who came, saw, and were hopefully inspired to go and make more art of their own.

So until our next exhibit, keep creating everyone!

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