The Coolest Giveaways The Hub has Ever Had for Creators

By hosting giveaways, The Hub has helped creators all over the world share their beautiful content with the world while marketing their platform. From flights to Europe to giving out swag bags to road trips across the US, you will find the Hub is the place to be for any creator to thrive.

Thanksgiving Giveaway
Five staff photographers were hired to shoot for H as a way to give back to a wonderful community during the holiday season. Their motto was “letting creators do what they love for a living.” To apply, applicants submitted three of their best images or videos for consideration. The winners were announced Nov. 24 after receiving over 1500 applicants from all kinds of photographers from all over the world with followings ranging from 500-50,000 on Instagram.

Photo by staff photographer Kayla Mendez

Everyone can get into the Holiday spirit when there are gifts involved. H gave away a ton of gear for 6 days during December. Everything that was given away can now be purchased at The H Store. You have your pick at a hand-painted, vintage reclaimed jacket, waxed backpack, black or pink hat, and Redline Magazine.

The second half of H-mas was Reason to Roam II. H gave $2500 to 5 different groups of 5 people around the US to go on a trip they planned with other creators on The Hub. To apply, they had to message Shannon Bray (Head of Community at H) on the Hub with their trip idea! 

  • Group One, rented a beach house in Florida and hosted a meetup. 

  • Group two went to White Sands National Park in New Mexico and hosted a meetup.
    Image by Michael Casillas


  • Group three, originating in South Carolina, road tripped down to Orlando, FL and Disney World and hosted a meetup at Lake Eola.
    Photo by Chris Lampkins


  • Group four went on a road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles in Michael Snell’s Winnebago, Wallie.

  • Group five decided to give back to the Hub community and flew two members from to New York City that had never been before for #HUBDAY. If you don’t know what #HUBDAY is see here.

This giveaway was the perfect opportunity to inspire wanderlust and allow Hub members to get out, see the world, and meet one another.

If you and your friends are interested in going on a trip but can’t find the funds, apply here and H might be able to sponsor it! 

 Core H Referral Challenge
If you don’t already know, The Hub pays their Core H members money to refer other creators to the platform! Some members have made thousands of dollars alone in referring their friends. However, the Core H program is being taken down at the end of the month. Rumor is that something even more epic will be replacing the Core H program.

The three winners of last fall’s Referral Challenge were all women! Girl power! These three ladies had never met or even spoken until they had won. Victoria flew in from Nashville, Tennessee. Manu flew in from Brazil. And Lorina flew in from California. They all decided to go to Berlin, Germany where they met for the first time and spent the next week traveling together and creating content for H. You can read all about their amazing experience here.

Playa Viva
The first half of this contest was a referral challenge! This time the winner was Christian Pena. Christian won with over 100 referrals (that’s over $1000 in referral money!) and was invited to go to Playa Viva with H and a group of well-known creators. The second challenge around H’s Playa Viva trip was a shooting contest where two people who #metonthehub had to do a shoot and submit it for the chance to be flown out to Playa Viva together. Genet Jean Pierre and Augustah Allen took the photo below that won them the trip to Mexico! 

Photo by Genet Jean Pierre

#MetOnTheHub x Alysha Nett
Alysha is a model, photographer and content creator, and you guessed it, a Hub Member. She messaged a few hundred of her favorite photographers on the Hub and asked for them to reply with an idea for a photoshoot. The point was to get as creative as possible with photo examples and mood boards. The winner was Pippa Holliday and H is flying her out to San Diego, California to shoot with Alysha. 

Redline Launch Party Contest

The Redline Launch Party Contest is happening RIGHT NOW!!! For more info on how to apply click here. What is the contest exactly? Well, do you want to be flown out to NYC for H’s magazine launch party? You have the opportunity to hang with H and meet some very influential people in the creative industry. To apply, shoot with someone on the Hub. Then post the photo to your page with the #metonthehub and #redlinethemagazine. The screenshot that post and send it to Shannon Bray on the Hub. Winners will be announced April 18, so you still have time people.

Everyone knows that next month brands are joining The Hub. One of H’s main goals has always been to connect creators with brands so that The Hub members can make a living doing what they love most. Before letting brands in, H wanted to create a campaign that proves how connected, talented and driven our community is. Starting on March 1st, H began giving out 100 paid contracts to community members who show how easy it is to use the Hub to find creative talent. The goal is to shoot with creative talent like yourself, post about it to your followers, and help market the Hub as well. View some of my favorite #MetOnTheHub photos below,

Photo by Jaden Smiley
Photo by Kohl Murdock
Photo by Natalia Seth

These giveaways and challenges are only a snapshot of the creativity that the Hub is capable of. If these examples prove anything, it is how loyal H is to its community and how H will do anything to keep those members inspired, creative, and invigorated. Keep an eye out for the next big giveaway from H! And if you’re not a member of The Hub yet, seriously, what are you doing!? Apply here.

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