10 Creators in Orlando Florida That You Must Shoot With

The Hub is a worldwide platform for visually driven creators to come together, connect, and inspire. Displaying the work of photographers, videographers, stylists, makeup artists, and models H provides potential opportunities for creatives to do the work they love in a productive setting with other like-minded individuals. Their “Hub” of activity paves the way for artistically driven relationships to be born.  Below you will find 10 creatives to keep an eye on throughout this year from Orlando, Florida. Hopefully, you enjoy them as much as we do.

Justin Gilbert

Justin is a fashion, commercial, and product photographer serving Los Angeles and Orlando, FL. AND he’s the one who took our iconic product shots for The H Store. We are truly obsessed with his work! Justin went to college for photography, where he learned to do everything by the book. Since then, he’s stepped out of his comfort zone, and been shooting more experimental, high fashion studio work. Read more about Justin here.

Vania Elise

Vania is a fine art and fashion portrait photographer based in Orlando. She has done work and projects for Like Magazine, Ladeda Magazine, Vogue Italia and Elegant Magazine. Her work captures more than just emotion, it captures the soul of her subjects. Vania plays a lot with motion and how it catches different shades of light. To her creativity is a fundamental part of life. Creation is the root of anything we do. Her hope is that through her work others see her passion and become inspired themselves. Her inspiration comes from life stories and the feelings and emotions evoked. Vania has had many notable experiences in photography. However, completing a Photography Mastered Program with mentor, Nick Knight stands out the most.

Jessica Bellinger 

Jessica is a film photographer, wife, mother, and traveler based in Florida. She loves the way that film looks and how it captures light and color that comes off as both natural and beautiful. Her specialty is natural lighting and capturing candid moments. Her business philosophy is honest, genuine, and unique. To her, photographs are an heirloom to a moment in the past that would otherwise be gone.

Some of her greatest inspiration comes from film photographers. Anastasia Volkova based in Russia is one of her biggest inspirations. Her stunning travel work is what really influenced Jessie to document her own travels.

Jessica’s work has appeared in quite a few wedding magazines and blogs, she was recently featured in Lomography and The FIND Lab. She was even featured in Vogue Italia for a painted photograph she created.

Abby Cox 

Abby is a photographer and also a member of the creative team at Rifel Paper Co. Her goal through photography is to create something that makes the viewer feel the warm fresh ocean air through her images. She wants her audience to feel at ease, like they can take one big breath and exhale.

Her inspiration comes from art, specifically line drawings, acrylic color canvases, and also still life floral styling and interiors. Abby feels that her career is constantly changing and evolving each day. She is always finding inspiration in something new and then creating, refining, and creating some more until she has a new original work of her own. She does admit that traveling is most likely the biggest thing that pushes her to become better at her craft.

Kayla Surico

Kayla specializes in music, event, documentary, lifestyle, and wedding photography. She started freelancing when she was 16 years old. At 21, Kayla still finds herself continuously learning, evolving and improving with each project. She likes to experiment with her photos in order to find new ways to create something amazing.

Sam Dorado

Sam became a photographer after spending time studying Marine Biology at Texas A&M University. After graduation, Sam took a job as a biologist and one of the requirements was to purchase camera equipment to capture wildlife. He began to experiment with different genres and styles of photography. He is self-taught and has experience in portraiture, street, macro, and travel/landscape photography. Sam’s work deals with a lot of facial expressions, and textures. It’s a very fun gallery to look through.

Amanda Smith

Amanda is a lifestyle blogger, social media marketer, and Editorial Fellow with College Fashionista. Her photos on Instagram are very well thought out and fun to look through. She makes her audience feel connected to her. It’s easy to feel like you are one of Amanda’s friends. Her writing is very relatable, and the topics she chooses are always interesting and can make a difference in your life.

Jacob Bailes

Jacob is a photographer in Florida who takes a lot of abstract photos. His photos range from landscapes to weird and exotic. You will find rocky seaside cliffs mixed in with models covered in googly eyes. Jacob has two sides to himself and followers get to witness this on his Instagram. From traditional nature photos, to cool poses and ideas that come originally from him, he is worth following.

Gerson Lopez

Gerson describes himself as a guy who takes portraits. He also manages the @pr0ject_soul and @theportraitpr0ject accounts on Instagram. Throughout his journey in the photography field, Gerson has found the essence that portraits can possess to be the most captivating. His primary focus within his photography is to provide authenticity, making sure the person he captures on the other side of his lens is being seen as their true self in a timeless piece of art. He is very intrigued by the endless emotions he can find portrayed in his subjects’ eyes. His inspiration comes from everyone he photographs. To him, they are like empty canvases to be filled with his creative execution one frame at a time.

Graham Oakley

Graham is a photographer and designer. His book Trust is available for purchase on his website and it’s beautiful. His work is stunning, the way he captures his models is real, raw, and you will be unable to escape then authenticity. He is very talented in achieving expression and depth in his photography. His edits are warm and soft, yet they make the models and subjects of the photos pop and fill the frame. 

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