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Ever since I can remember, a camera has always been a common object in my household. Unintentionally, my brother sparked my interest in photography. As a kid, my brother took a high school photography course, where I ended up being the subject in most of his projects. After a while I saved my money and bought my very first point and shoot. I never took photography serious as an art form, at least not beyond personal documentation. I was a serial hobbyist. I did it all. I was unable to find a medium that worked for me. But a few years back, I started to travel more with friends and decided to invest my time into capturing these memories. The camera came back into play. Travel led me to portraiture. Portraiture led me to fashion photography. And that is where I finally found my happy place.

Photography has since become more than just a pastime for me, it has evolved into a creative pursuit for my artistic voice.  As I got more invested into the arts, photography became much more meaningful. It became another form of expression. My photographic style is currently in transition, which allows me to play with various ideas as well as techniques. Being a self-taught photographer, pursuing fashion photography as a career was not my original plan. But with a few years of experience & a different perspective what it takes to be successful in this industry, it has inspired me to fight for it so much more.

With the help of the internet and a lot of self-motivation, I was able to learn so much in so little time. So for all those people who want to be photographers and don’t know where to start. Start small. The internet has an abundance of resources, and the Hub community is full of amazing people willing to share their stories/help. Asking the right questions will get you where you want to be. But it’s all about figuring out what works for you, what route you want to take with creating, & how bad you really want it. I’m a huge advocate for its not what type of equipment you have but more so what kind of mentality you have. I spent the first few years with an entry-level dslr and it worked wonders for me. If you don’t have the itch to continuously learn and create, the best equipment in the world won’t get you anywhere. I know I have a lot to go in regards to developing my work, but my drive and determination is already there. The year has just begun and I can’t wait to share the projects I have in store!

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