#UnderOurHat Model Lauren Staub

My name is Lauren Staub and I am an accidental model. I began this career path when I auditioned for a local fashion week for fun in college and was, to my surprise, accepted. I had no previous modeling history and zero confidence in myself. I was simply a girl who spent night after night writing stories for fun. I had always been interested in fashion though, and I thought this would be a great way to make friends while being involved in a realm that intrigued me. Ultimately, I walked for some local designers and caught the eye of a few photographers, even of a magazine that lead to my first publication. What initially started out as a hobby turned into a true thriving passion, as I soon accumulated a portfolio of wide-ranging styles and concepts.

I decided that I should utilize my work in some way, so I visited multiple agencies and luckily was signed based off of these passion projects. I made the decision to cease my original career track, which was to obtain a Masters and PhD to utilize as a professor in literature, to pursue creativity outside of the written word, something that I never thought would be applicable to me. Not only was I able to find an outlet for these ideas that were brewing in my head, it also gave me solace from the trials and tribulations I had experienced the past years. I felt trapped in an abusive relationship, confined by my own anxiety and bouts of despondency. The creative community gave me the courage of conviction I so desperately needed to escape not only his, but my own personal constraints as well. I was able to channel these frustrations and sorrows into my work, pursuing what once seemed so impossible to me. Despite my initial doubts, I am now represented in Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta, and Florida. I’ve been especially lucky enough to work on sets for music videos, commercials, television series, print work, etc. Even with these accomplishments, I am constantly working to become better at conceptualizing ideas and bringing them to fruition, as well as seeking further representation through agencies.

Oddly enough, I found a sense of calm on set and found confidence where I thought I had none. I had somehow found myself in the most vulnerable of places, in front of the camera. I started off as a gangly, awkward ginger… Let’s be honest, I’m still that same girl. I’ve just become increasingly more aware of my worth as I’ve grown in age and have learned to embrace these idiosyncrasies that make me who I am.

This one choice I made years ago in an effort to make friends ultimately changed my life, which also changed my view of the world. One thought, one decision, one night can truly alter everything, and this is a credence I take with me everywhere. Rather than jotting down stories like I had done when I was younger,  I now get to create them in a visually compelling manner through photography, styling, and emoting through modeling. I ultimately aspire to utilize all of these factions and experiences into becoming a creative director for a production company in the near future. I will never forget how fortunate I am to be doing this, and the fact that I get to work on set and with so many other creatives still overwhelmingly humbles me to this day.

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