#MetOnTheHub: Hiring 100 of You To Do What You Love

The Hub is where you find creators.

We’re continuing to grow and evolve as a community, and what we’ve long hinted at, is now just two months away. In April, brands are coming.

The Hub is a “creator-first” platform – our community is our lifeblood and that will never change. However, our secondary goal has always been to connect creators with brands so that our creators can make a living doing what they love.

Before we open the doors to our community and let brands in, we first want to create a campaign to show just how vibrant, talented and connected our community really is. So, we decided to work with one of our favorite brands for this first campaign: us. The work we create for The Hub through this campaign will show other brands how much we are capable of and the benefits they’ll see from working with passionate creators like you.

Starting March 1st, we’re giving out 100 paid contracts to our community members to showcase how easy it is to use The Hub to find creative talent. You will shoot with other talented creators like you, post about it to your followers, and, in the process, help us market The Hub. Everyone is eligible to earn one of these contracts, and we’ll be giving them out consistently over the next few weeks until every spot is filled.

Want in? To get noticed, you must:

  1. Find someone new on The Hub to shoot with
  2. Shoot together
  3. Post a photo from your shoot with #MetOnTheHub on Instagram. Bonus points if you also post on Facebook and Twitter!
  4. Message Shannon Bray a screenshot of your post on The Hub messenger

For the next month, our eyes are on all of you. Spots will go quickly, so search for someone now and get shooting!

Photos by Kayla Mendez.

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