5 Hub Accounts That Take Us To A Tropical Paradise

Photo by Sam Dameshek

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink in the wild air.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson (source)

We all have our favorite feeds to follow because they transport us to a tropical paradise with their photos. Whether it’s stunning drone shots of crystal clear waters or a pineapple on the shores of Hawaii, we use their photos to inspire our vacations, photoshoots and even daydreams. These are some of our favorite beach-inspired photographers:

Eric Rubens

With more than 340,000 followers, Eric Rubens is one of the best photographers out there at capturing the colors and sights of Southern California. He’s traveled to nearly every continent including places such as Aruba, Jordan, Alberta and South Africa. Eric has also been included on Conde Nast Traveler’s “Top Instagram Travel Accounts” along with Business Insider’s “Top Instagram Travel Influencer”. He recently started his own YouTube channel, documenting some of his amazing travels and destinations along the way. Eric also takes advantage of a different perspective, using both helicopters and drones to capture breathtaking beaches from above.

Aliza Akiko

Currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona, Alizah Akiko first set her eyes on traveling the world after quitting her corporate 9-5 job to leave the daily monotony behind. This eventually led to the creation of her blog, Spark of Wanderlust, to document the many photos she collected along the way. Her travels have allowed her to partner up with tourism boards around the world such as in Australia and Indonesia. When she’s not lounging on the beach or exploring a tropical jungle, Alizah is working on new travel guides for her blog, editing photos and creating content for brands. Some of her other past collaborations include Eidon Life and Suja Juice, along with partnering with hotels around the world throughout her travels.

Cobian Dewey

Just one look at Cobian Dewey’s tropical feed is enough to transport you straight to the islands. Based out of Hawaii, Cobain’s work includes dreamy drone shots, crisp underwater images and some of the best over/under shots we’ve seen yet. He also frequently collaborates with other influencers on the island such as @captain_potter and @koasmith. Since Cobian captures a variety of different content, he uses everything from a Canon to a GoPro to get some of his best shots. You can even shop his favorite gear straight from his profile HERE.

Jessica Altieri

Originally from New York, Jessica Altieri now resides in sunny California after moving more than 2,800 miles across country. After starting her Tumblr back in the day, she began posting her own photos while also growing her personal brand. Over the years, Jessica’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business including O’Neill Womens, Body Glove and Lululemon – all while traveling and capturing epic content. She’s now added photography packages and sponsored posts to her list of services, allowing her to work with even more awesome brands while traveling. When she isn’t snapping or editing photos, Jessica is at the beach, surfing or working out on the sand.

Carson Grzegorczyk 

Based out of Southern California, Carson is currently traveling the world while shooting photos in some of our favorite tropical locations. His feed is a mix of ocean shots, perfect product photos and dreamy destinations. When he’s not grabbing photos of his model girlfriend @barbarabrigido, Carson is photographing the latest and greatest brands. His work has been featured for companies such as Blenders, Pura Vida Bracelets and Krewe Sunglasses while he currently bounces between California, Hawaii, Australia and Bali.

Who are some of your favorite tropical photographers to follow?

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