#UnderOurHat: Sofia Zorian, Photographer and Model

I started modeling from a young age mostly for fun and as a way to express myself. I was always told to pursue professional modeling and to join an agency, but my greatest passion was music. As an overly emotional ten-year-old introvert, I already found myself pouring my soul into lyric and melody. I was classically trained in piano, a dancer, scholar, and always knew that my purpose in life is to create music.

I joined the H community last June when I caught one of their live streams and realized there was a place online called the Hub! I was immediately intrigued and it turned into one of the most amazing opportunities to connect with such talented creators. I went from modeling once in a blue moon to modeling multiple times a month. I learned so much by just putting myself out there and being open to collaborating with new and brilliant photographers that I found myself surrounded by people who actually supported my art.

Photography was something that always interested me, but when I began doing product photography for a bar, I wondered if I would be capable of expanding my abilities and giving portrait photography a try. I first started photographing my adorable nephew and then reached out to models who were open to bringing my vision to life. I was just trying out different angles and trying to balance out directing and setting up the shot at the same time, which was much more challenging than it looked when I was modeling. One thing that becoming a photographer has brought me was a greater respect and appreciation towards other photographers and their work. The time put into planning, shooting, and editing can be overwhelming and I only had a theoretical idea about it before I started this new journey. I discovered I wanted to bring to life different stories and characters through the portraits, which ties my English major into my work. I started off with the works of Tarzan and Anastasia. I have so many more ideas, but I am still working out balancing photography and modeling with my music.

The advice I have for the creatives that have wanted to try something new, whether it is in photography, modeling, or music is to just go for it! If you never start, you will never know what you are capable of and I am sure you will be amazing! If it’s photography, borrow a friend’s camera, or get an affordable one and give it a go. Find inspiration from the creators you admire and start collecting mood boards of your own. Research online because YouTube and Google seriously have all of the answers and so many useful tutorials and resources. If you are in the H community, you are already in the perfect place to begin your creative adventures. Reach out to people you think you would vibe with and start making magic!

2018 will be a year of exciting music releases for me and I am thrilled to share the work that I have been creating over the past couple years with the world. I am constantly performing in Los Angeles and hoping to travel with my music to a city near you soon!

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