Campaign Recap: Standing for Gender Equality with #RespectHer???? x The Hub

One week before Valentine’s Day, The Hub introduced a new partnership with BBDO and to take a stance for Gender Equality. The goal was to spread awareness for the #RespectHer???? movement, taking a firm stance against sexual harassment and violence, showing support for those we care about, while also promoting safety and respect in our community.

Here at The Hub, we were truly humbled and inspired by the outpouring of support for this campaign. We received hundreds of emails from members of our community asking how to get involved. Over the course of seven days leading up to Valentine’s Day, over 200 creators from The Hub found other creators from our community to shoot with and post their original content to Instagram with the hashtags #RespectHer???? and #RespectHerOnTheHub. And through these photos, The Hub donated over $1,500 – in the name of our community members – to 6 different organizations supporting gender equality and #RespectHer????.

Each of the photos posted took inspiration from the mission statement of the movement: “Respect Her Heart is a statement. It’s a call for men and women everywhere to take a firm stance against sexual harassment and assault — if not for themselves, then for the ones they love.” We’ve taken a look at, and have appreciated, every single submission. The three “winners” of this contest took the mission to heart, both in content of the photos, content of the captions and call to action, and in the spirit of collaboration by coming together with three to six other members of Hub for their photos. Keep reading below to see the three collaborations chosen:

Photo by S.Parker.
youcantcius lochnessyyy flowerxpixie

Photo by Genet Jean-Pierre.
Models: Jenny Li Anna Bixby  Kalli Wilson Alexa Carlson Jordan Starks D_unna

 Photo by Taylor Jarvis
Models: Janelle Starrett Lauren Espy Rylie Van Wingerden Aurora Aitken Cameron Cottle Amanda Michelle

H was humbled to be asked to take part in this initiative, and H is proud to continue to stand beside such an important and needed cause, and we look forward to working on future collaborations with #RespectHer???? and other social movements going forward!

If you want to get more involved with the #RespectHer???? initiative and learn more, please visit or reach out to Jordan at

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