H Award Winners: The Top 10 Creators to Watch in the Country

Photo by Kayla Mendez

We at H have had such a great time watching the nominations and results for the H Awards.  You as a community spoke and cast over 13,000 votes. Now, we’re honored to present your winners!

Read below to be inspired by these Top 10 Creators to Watch in the Country:

Sofia Zorian | Model + Photographer | Los Angeles

David Suarez | Photographer | New York City

Elizabeth Jordan | Model | San Francisco

Joe Altwies | Photographer | Minneapolis

Kelsi Carma | Model + Photographer | Salt Lake City

Mandee Rae | Photographer | Seattle

Michael Snell | Photographer | Chicago

Canyon Schmerse | Photographer | San Diego

Yen | Model | Houston

Lauren Staub | Model | Nashville

As our community continues to grow, the amount of talent, passion, and sheer creative force continues to grow as well. Keep connecting with each otherfind someone to shoot with in your city, and help us continue to show the world that The Hub is the community of, by, and for creators.

Congratulations again to our H Award Winners, all of our nominees, and our entire community for continuing to be a source of inspiration. We’re constantly watching all of the amazing work you guys create, and we can’t wait to feature more of you in the future!

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