#RespectHer???? x The Hub: Standing for Gender Equality

Right now, The Hub is working on a series of optimizations that aim to overtly promote safety for our users and promote respectful practices when collaborating with other creators on our platform. With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, we wanted to consider how we could best show support for those we care about while also promoting safety and respect in our community.

So, here at The Hub, we are humbled and excited to announce a partnership with BBDO for an incredible campaign – #RespectHer???? – to support women in the fight, and take a firm stance against sexual harassment and assault.

In the words of the movement: “Respect Her Heart is a statement. It’s a call for men and women everywhere to take a firm stance against sexual harassment and assault — if not for themselves, then for the ones they love.”

Through this campaign, The Hub is pledging $1,500 ($750 towards creators in the Hub community and $750 towards charities that have partnered with #RespectHer????), with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness of the #RespectHer???? movement and showing that there are “more of us fighting against gender inequality than for it.”

Want to join in and support the cause? Read below to learn how to participate in our contest to show your support for gender equality and submit a photo:


To learn more about #RespectHer???? and to consider donating directly to the cause, check out RespectHerHeart.org and see their most recent initiative for Valentine’s Day; on their site, you can purchase Valentine’s Day cards for those you care about with all proceeds being donated to charities that support gender equality and promote standing against sexual harassment and assault.

H is proud to stand beside such an important and needed cause, and we look forward to seeing your Hub collaborations and #RespectHer???? (don’t forget the black heart emoji!) and #RespectHerOnTheHub posts!

If you want to get more involved with the #RespectHer???? initiative and learn more, please visit RespectHerHeart.org or reach out to Jordan at jordan@thehhub.com.

Header photo by Sedric Acevedo.
Models: Anne Frederiquecris, Jennifer Espinoza, Bri Kumelski, Vann, Melissa Rivas.
MUA(s): @alanasvanity @makeupbyjoliejade @makeupbymelzz
Selective apparel: @shopmotleycollections
Stylist: Jennifer Espinoza

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