#HUBDAY New York City Recap!

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been working with Leandro to make sure that we had a space locked down for Hub Day in New York after having two different hosts cancel on us twice. We wanted to make sure that we were providing the community with a beautiful space with great lighting in order to give them the best experience possible. We actually almost forgot to tell anyone about the event.

When I arrived on the evening of the event – about fifteen minutes early – I did a head count of everyone outside. Forty-five attendees, and we hadn’t even opened the doors. Halfway through the event, when we were barricaded behind a crowd of our members trying to get the perfect shot in the space, I saw the owner of the space, Sandra, losing her mind. Much like me, she had substantially underestimated the turnout. I had a short talk with Sandra, who was astounded that we could have such a successful evening event without a drop of alcohol.

Something that continuously surprises me is the purity of the community we have. I didn’t tell anyone that we couldn’t have alcohol at the space, and no one asked – everyone was so focused on getting to the event and meeting their friends, listening to what Leandro was saying, and shooting their faces off.

Below are just a few of our favorite images taken at #HUBDAY New York City. Comment below and let us know if you think we should do it again!

Vinny Seda by Natalia Wajda
Danae Muratore by Pete Lott
Ced Mensah by Natalia Wajda
Julius Antwi by Noah Benus
Brigitte Pacheco by Natalia Wajda
Ced Mensah and Misel Gilbert by Natalia Wajda

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