It’s safe to say #HUBDAY was a success! If you aren’t already familiar with what #HUBDAY is, The Hub had photo meetups in over 35 cities around the world all on January 27th. Photographers, models, makeup artists, stylists, and videographers from all over the world linked up in their respective cities to connect over mutual passions, shoot authentic content, grow together as artists, and start lifelong friendships.

Each city had its own unique experience. Orlando learned to shoot with artificial light at Studio One. San Francisco explored the streets of Chinatown in a pack of 75. Dallas had a whopping 200+ come out for their event. And a generous group of New York City members flew out two Hub members from other cities for an all expenses paid trip.

It’s truly humbling for our team to be able to bring so many people together in the name of creating. We appreciate each and every person that made #HUBDAY possible, including the event hosts, every single attendee, Peerspace, and some of the small businesses that opened their doors to our members, such as Amperstand Coffee, Superb Studio, and Glam Doll Donuts.

Below is just a taste of some of our favorite images from #HUBDAY. Take a look and be on the lookout for more #HUBDAY features!

*To be featured, you must upload your images to HCollective.WeTransfer.com

Annette Parra by Thomas Larson
Bethany Aucoin by Rob Mark
Samantha Fandino by Patrick Le
Ced Mensah and Misel Gilbert by Natalia Wajda
Josh Thompson by Levi Ebeling
Maxeewhiteford by Jillian Blanc
Maxeewhiteford by Jillian Blanc
Espinoza_Jennifer by JawnRocha
Vanessa Guvele by Lexi Scott
Emily Lander by Iffat.nur
Mary Cade by Kelsi Brinkmeyer
Chelsea Schiebout by Kelsi Brinkmeyer
By Josh Thompson
Stephanie Ayoub by Graham Oakley
Natalia Moreno by Graham Oakley
Karina by Graham Oakley
Jack Newsome by Dave Ortega
Steph McClain by Allie Dowd
By Ben Johnson
Trrish_p by Cedric Mess
Stacy Cosman by Clint Hess
Ash_shelly by Daniel Segal
Cheyanne Delgado by Darion Queen
Ellery Kemner by Josh Schwartz
Kat Davis by Trey Smith
San Diego
Jayshree Srinivas by Jonathan Chong
Vanxssamarie by Kevin Hwang
Kara Hallgren by Oliver Sandoval
By Josh Thompson
Kieracourtt by Kyle Colquhoun
Caity Payne by Alec Walworth
Cody Uhls by Benjamin Little
Malika Savayeva by Kehn Hermano
M_Hamilton13 and Kelechixv by Chettara Hunter
Claudia Franklin and Erin Garrett by Derek Tucker
Rachel Claire Clemons by Evangelea
Daryl Wilson by Jay Parreno
Shanel Felicissimo by Jolly Tracey
Audrey Smith by Todd White

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