Best Places To Shoot: Malmo, Sweden

Malmo is a severely underrated city in the travellers guide to Europe. Just a short 30 minute train ride away from Copenhagen, Malmo is the closest part of Sweden to Denmark and offers some epic gems for photography. Here are my favourite discoveries in Malmo.

Folket’s Park
The people’s park, this botanical wonder is home to an oriental inspired palace that resembles a mini Taj Mahal and is actually home to a nightclub and courtyard restaurant – random, I know! From the outside, it looks nothing more than a little warren of neat grass banks and trimmed flower beds, but as the evening draws nearer, the park comes alive. One of Malmo’s lamp sculptures also lives on the outskirts of the park.

Gustav Adolf Torg
The old centre of the shopping district, Gustav Adolf Torg is a cobbled stoned square lined with cute cafes still housed in original medieval structures. From red brick stable buildings to Parisian style mansion homes, the architecture traces the track of time in Malmo’s city centre.

Lilla Torg
The square in front of the parliament building, which used to be the palace, is still in mint condition as Sweden and most of Scandinavia remains untouched by the majority of damage caused by the World War’s. This is one of the reasons Sweden remains so idyllic and has very little renovation or refurbishment.

Over The Bridge
The train between Malmo and Copenhagen actually crosses a beautiful stretch of water that is home to the wind farm – a series of windmills that churn energy for the two countries and is situated in the middle of the ocean. These white spires rise from the water and spin in sequence, like robot flowers in the sea. If you can get a car across the bridge and stop halfway, this makes for some beautiful shots at sunrise and sunset. The train does not stop, so don’t rely on it for good pictures.

The King’s Garden
The King’s Garden is a large park that sits in the centre of the city. Attached to a graveyard and housing a mini palace, this was literally a garden that was used by the monarchy during the summers. A river flows through the soft hills, and the remains of the palace are now a museum. An old-fashioned windmill sits on top of one of the hills, and footbridges criss cross over the riverbeds. There are multiple statues littered across the park and even a mini cave decorated by an iron snake. This is a spot that definitely requires galoshes.

Malmo is quite a sleepy little town that comes to life at night, and it seems like a whole new city when the sun sets. I definitely recommend doing a walkabout both during the day and in the evening as Malmo has permanent art installations that turn on in the evenings – the various giant lamps scattered throughout the city, the fairy light lined trees, and the light show at the palace in the King’s Garden. The waterfront is also picturesque as it affords views across the water to Denmark and plenty of locals take advantage of the short sailing distance with their white sailed yachts.

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