Tweak Your Daily Routine to Increase Productivity

The new year brings with it unlimited potential to be, do and create what we wish. Supercharge your productivity in 2018 with the following tips.

Train your brain.
By paying attention to the way our mental processes work and attempting to organize and regulate the way we think, we’re able to train our brains. By managing our thought patterns, we naturally become more productive and creative.

Writing activity logs and to-do lists is a start. A physical agenda is a lot easier to study than one that exists entirely in the mind. By keeping track of what we’ve done and what we have to do, we force ourselves to take the time to organize our lives. We will feel less scatterbrained as a result, which allows us to worry less and create more.

Get some sleep.
Plenty of us have tried to hack the productivity system by staying up late to get things done, especially when we feel overwhelmed by a long to-do list. But quality sleep is essential to a healthy work-life balance, and we produce better work when we’re well-rested, too.

Get rid of distractions.
It’s totally fine to watch the occasional funny cat video, but try to keep yourself on schedule throughout the day with your priorities in mind.

Set aside time to work and time to play. Every time we do something without purpose, we’re distracted. We tend to do well under deadlines imposed by others, but have trouble sticking to what it takes to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. By setting deadlines for our personal endeavors, we hold ourselves accountable for results and are better able to ignore distractions.

Limit social media exposure.
I talked about the importance of pulling back from the digital world and living moment to moment in this article. Aside from being a distraction, numerous studies have shown an increase in depression, anxiety and loneliness attributed to social media use. Facebook has even addressed the issue and is trying to change the platform to make it healthier for its users.

By deleting social media apps from your phone and only using it in conscious and energizing ways, we can take back the time and power we give other people through scrolling aimlessly through their feeds.

Maximize the potential of your interactions with other people.
Chances are, if the topic of conversation is a TV show or someone else’s personal life, you don’t need to be part of it. When faced with small-talk, whether with someone you know well or a new acquaintance, be a conscious participant in the conversation.

Change the topic to something useful or don’t engage at all. Ask questions to steer the conversation to a topic that is mutually interesting or useful. Use interactions with other people to grow as a person, learn about unfamiliar ideas and people, and develop quality interpersonal relationships.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a book that helped me and thousands of others develop habits that lead to better work and personal relationships.

Productivity is a skill that can be improved upon and utilized to build healthy and fulfilling lives. We should do everything we can to maximize it. Our careers— and our happiness— will improve as a result.

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