2018: The Year of Individualism in Fashion

There are so many new trends about to cycle through 2018. When you’re a stylist, you need to stay up on all the trends. So here are some styling trends for 2018 that EVERY stylist, or even creatives styling their own shoots, must know:

  1. Plaid: Plaid is back baby! No longer just for snuggling with a warm blanket and a book. Plaid will be making a strong comeback in all colors and through all different pieces such as pants and t-shirts. With a range of different colors other than the traditional lumberjack red and black, anyone can find their style in plaid form. My prediction for this style in 2018 is cominding plaid with pastel colors and even art to enhance the traditional look of plaid and give it a more modern feel. Stay on the lookout for bright plaid suits or even accessories as 2018 begins. 
  2. Fringe: Fringe has been making a hit for the end of 2017, but will continue to come in strong through 2018. A way to make it more of a 2018 trend, is to use fringe on either your pants, shirt or jacket, rather than boots and accessories as was previously done in 2017. Some cool fringe styles include: jeans with fringe at the bottom and pockets, leather jackets with fringe arms, fringe earrings or fringed crop tops. When adding fringe to your wardrobe, stick with more muted and earthy colors for a sophisticated effect. 
  3. Pastel Colors (Specifically Lavender): Pastel colors, specifically pinks and purples, will be appearing all over photoshoots and magazines in 2018. Millennial pink was trending in 2017, but lavendar will be the new color for 2018. There’s always a new color for every year, and while the trend of light and gender neutral colors will continue to be the most popular colors. Lavender is a unique color on it’s own and can be easily combined with other pastel and bright colors to make any look stand out. 
  4. Art in Fashion: A newer trend in fashion is incorporating artwork into clothes, through either prints or stitching. Especially in Chicago, collaborations have been fueling this trend that seems to only be growing. Designers and artists adding a personal spin to popular clothing items, such as stitching on jackets, to give each item an individualistic look. A combination of art and bold prints will be giving everyone art they can wear that fits their style. 
  5. Cool Trench Coats and Dusters: While classic trench coats have always been in, there’s been a cool girls spin on the classic trench coat for 2018. Different colors, materials and even patterns will give trench coats a major haul. New trenches include one-shoulder or clear material like a rain poncho. Dusters will also be having the same effect in spring and summer months, with bolder colors and more individualistic than 2017.

My overall prediction for 2018 style is: Individualism. While 2017 brought out people’s unique and individual style, with a focus on thrifting and reusing, 2018 will be more about you as a person and what you can contribute to fashion. For photoshoots, focusing on the models strengths and who they are, while sticking to the overall theme of the shoot, will be what makes 2018 shooting great.

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