Workshops and Meetups: The Low Down

Collaboration is critical for any model whether it’s a workshop your taking or teaching or a meetup you’re hosting or just attending. Here’s a breakdown on how to best participate in workshops or meetups; the levels of engagement; and how to figure out what’s right for you.

When you’re new to modeling: For people who have little experience in modeling, or who want to build up their book and connections, attending workshops and meetups are a great option for expanding your work and meeting new people.

Attending a Workshop: If you interested in attending a workshop, look for a model or photographer who you’d love to work with and admire. Read the specific style they will be teaching and shooting and decide if this is an area that you could work on. When attending a workshop, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Since you’re paying to attend workshops, make sure to listen and get everything you can out of the workshop. Even though it costs money, these workshops can be extremely beneficial to learn tips and tricks other people may not give you in an unpaid setting.

Attending a Meetup: With the rise of Instagram communities, meetups are becoming more prevalent. Meetups are a collective (one like H!) who bring people from all different styles and backgrounds together to shoot with a large group of people in order to teach everyone new skills. When attending a meetup make sure to bring two or three different outfits for variety and keep your hair and makeup clean and simple, showcasing your natural beauty. When deciding if you should attend a meetup, look at who is hosting. If the people who are hosting are people who you’d like to work with and can learn from their work, then it’s a right fit for you!

When you’re more experienced to modeling: The longer you model the more tips you can contribute and teach newer models and even photographers. When you host workshops and meetups, you’re not only adding to your resume, but you’re also contributing back to your fashion community.

Hosting a Workshop: Hosting a workshop is a great way to earn some money from your experience, but it’s also a great way to connect others together who have similar goals of learning. When you’re hosting a workshop, since people will be paying to attend your workshop, a key point is to have a Q&A where you allow the photographers, models, and other industry professionals to ask questions about your craft and how you’ve reached the point you have. Make sure to include one or two tricks up your sleeve that you would not reveal in other settings to make your workshop special and unique. Have a variety of settings so everyone can get a different shot and interact with everyone on an individual level as well as a group setting.

Hosting a Meetup: When you’re hosting a meetup, include influencers (including photographers and models) who have a huge impact in your community and who would bring out higher quality photographers. Find a central location that’s easy to get to, with an abundance of parking, and can be versatile in shooting. Create an event so everyone can see individuals information for easy tagging and connecting. Make it your own by adding a cool theme that fits your own brand and career. Hosting a meetup is a great way for people to see your work and potentially work with you in the future.

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