Q&A: Natasha Wilson, Lifestyle & Fashion Photographer

Natasha Wilson
Natasha Wilson

Lifestyle & fashion photographer, Natasha Wilson tells all in this Q & A! Calling LA home, Natasha morphs her ever-evolving inspirations into colorfully exquisite art. She melded freelance photography with hard work ethic and hasn’t looked back since.

Interview With Natasha Wilson

Icebreaker Question: 

If you could travel anywhere in the world to snap one picture, where would you go, what gear would you bring & what would the picture be of?

Great question! I want to go the Rainbow Mountains in China. I would bring 5 insanely unique and eccentric models, with beautiful multicolored gowns and probably 3 camels if possible.

I’d bring my trustworthy Canon 6D and Sigma 50mm and then I would love to bring a medium format Hasselblad!

1. How did you get started in photography and why have you chosen LA as your base?

When I was in high school, I wanted to express myself through art. To be honest, I wasn’t good at painting or drawing, definitely not good at math or science.

When I was allowed to take film photography as a course, I finally felt like I was good at something. And I could express myself the way I wanted to. I didn’t take it seriously as a career- just something I liked to do. My mom was the one who opened the idea of photography school to me.

After I graduated high school, I traveled around from different states, islands and countries month to month. LA was the first place I lived for more than 7 months.

The first year was a learning curve and I was pretty lost. Over the past 2 years I have been able to truly call LA home, and I love my creative family, friends, and the community I have built around me.

The photography locations are endless, and there are always new models, designers, MUA’s etc wanting to create. And the weather is such a bonus!

2. At what moment did you know you wanted to make photography a career?

Being a professional photographer intimidated and confused me. I went to photography school, but I thought the only way to make money from photography was through Weddings or Family Portraits. After graduation I ran away from the idea of starting my career because I didn’t know where to begin. Once I moved to LA 5 years later, I started my Instagram and really put myself into gear. When people started responding to my work and hiring me for jobs, I finally realized this was what I was supposed to do all along.

3. What has been a challenging moment of your photo career thus far and how did you overcome it? 

I think the most challenging moment of my career is the freelance lifestyle, and trusting the ebb and flow of work that comes in month to month. Some months I’m shooting back to back, the next I have one job the entire month. It takes a lot of faith to trust that new work is always on the way.

4. What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?

My favorite thing about being a photographer is absolutely loving my job every single day. I make money doing what I love, make my own schedule, and be my own boss. I will never get over how amazing that is!

5. Rewind to 15 year old you. What advice would you give yourself personally & professionally?

Personally I would have to tell myself that high school isn’t forever, and things that happen in the past don’t dictate the future. And to trust your intuition. Professionally I would say – You CAN do art for a living! You CAN love your job and wake up excited to work every single day. The opportunities are endless, you just have to want it enough. And lastly, no one is going to “discover” you. Do it for yourself, you will get so much farther.

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