Q&A: Kebenae Weis, Portrait Photographer

Kebenae Weis
Kebenae Weis

Let’s take a look at the journey and work of portrait photographer, Kebenae Weis.

Interview With Kebenae Weis

Q: How did you get started in photography?

A: When I was about seven years old I was obsessed with those disposable film cameras. From there it just turned into something I really enjoyed doing all the time. 

Q: At what moment did you know you wanted to make photography a career?

A: It would have to be after I shot my first solo wedding and their reaction made me realize this is definitely what I want to do. There’s just something about being able to capture someone’s special day and that they put so much faith and trust in you for that.

Q: What are some of your favorite locations to shoot?

A: Utah has so much beauty at every turn and corner so it’s hard to just pick one location but the summer flower fields in the canyons are definitely unbeatable. 

Q: What has been the most testing moment of your photo career?

A: Not surrounding myself with people who have the same visions and goals as me. It’s very important to me that I am in company of like minded people who are going to support and push me to be a better artist.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?

A: My favorite thing has to be creating something and being proud of yourself because you did that. You created that art piece and it’s from your point of view and vision. Also being able to bring so much happiness because you’re showing them their beauty that you captured them in.

Q: What advice would you give to those who want to make photography their career?

A: To always continue learning and growing. Don’t stray away from the passion and do it for the wrong reasons. To have patience with yourself and surround yourself with inspiration. Remember you’re not in competition with anyone.

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