H is Hiring 4 Staff Writers!

I’m Shannon, the editor for The Hub Highlight and Head of Community at H. Some of you may have talked to me via our socials, or over email while planning a meet up. When I first started working for H in September, I told James, H’s founder, that I was incredibly passionate about helping less experienced creators learn the ins and outs of the photography industry. We needed a place to host all of our collective knowledge, a place to inspire one another through our personal stories. And after countless hours of making sure we were covering every base of what our creators need, The Hub Highlight was born!

So far, The Hub Highlight has been a place for creators to be inspired, get educated, and get even more involved with H’s community. We’ve even given our community the option to submit their own articles. You can tell us about your Come Up or you can inform our readers on ‘The Best Camera Bodies for Beginners’. Our readers have been incredibly helpful in the growth of this blog, so we want to give back.

We are on the search for 4 staff writers to help us come up with weekly content for The Hub Highlight. Each writer will receive a $500/month contract to work for us.

Steps To Enter:

  1. Know what we’re about. Check out the blog. Get a feel for us. Find out what we write about and what our readers are most passionate about.
  2. Login to The Hub, or apply for The Hub if you aren’t a member yet!
  3. Message me, Shannon Bray, on The Hub with 2-3 of your writing samples. *Please keep writing samples relevant to our topics.

We will be choosing 4 writers to work with us in the next week. Best of luck to you!

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