The Importance of Office Culture

Office Culture
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Co-working spaces have become increasingly popular amongst entrepreneurial and creative millennials, and for good reasons. You’ve probably already realized that working from your kitchen table or your couch is less than productive. It’s easy to get distracted from your to-do lists, or find yourself in a creative lull, when you’re surrounded with piles of laundry or noisy roommates. But, an office has the potential to offer a lot more than a desk. So, why not consider the perks of office culture?

The Importance Of Office Culture

Networking Galore

How many times can we say it?! Working alongside like-minded, hard-working people is not only perfect for setting a workflow or holding yourself accountable to productivity, but it’s also a great way to meet more people.

Having a community is key to gaining inspiration and tapping into new opportunities. But, if chatting while working isn’t your thing, many co-working spaces hold monthly events that will give you a chance to get to know your office buddies outside of work hours.

Brainstorm Sessions

Heck yeah. We’ve all been stuck creatively before. Sometimes, you just need to get outside of your own head.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and allow others to change your perspective. Ask a few coworkers to get together for brainstorming or problem-solving session. As a creative, you belong to a club that seeks to help one another grow and achieve. Sometimes, it takes more than a single brain to make incredible things happen.

Credibility and Professionalism Can’t Hurt Your Personal Brand

As our generation leans toward self-employment and the idea of growing a personal brand, having an official culture and workplace could support your credibility and professionalism.

Part of becoming a professional is learning to work alongside others in a close-knit environment. Your clients may hire you because they like your Instagram feed, but it’s good to market yourself as a genuine professional. When you join an office, you invest in your work and your worth. It doesn’t hurt to boost your credibility and weed out the competition.

A Word of Caution: Choose Your Office Culture Wisely

Office culture comes with a lot of pros and cons. It’s great if you go somewhere to work and you feel motivated and inspired. But, offices can become a huge bummer if you’re not careful to set boundaries.

For example, gossip, negativity, and lack of respect for a coworker’s space and time, can get anyone hating on the environment real quick. No one wants to be the one person to bring everyone else down. Just remember that the energy you bring into a room matters.

In short, check out an office space in your local neighborhood and see what office culture is right for you.

At H, we are all about community. Go out and meet new people and bring on experiences that are new to you.

Fostering an office culture doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re low on cash, host a regular meet-up and encourage your group to critique one another. The idea is that working with others can be incredibly beneficial and it’s often an underrated strategy.

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