My Come Up: Joshua Tufts, Juggling High School and Photography

In this time, the title “creator” can be used pretty loosely. What is it like to have a professional creative career at a young age, while in high school? As you can imagine, having school or sports of any sorts is stressful, but also working as a creator and following your passions is challenging. Let me tell you about my life. Joshua Tufts an 18 year old senior in high school. I have been balancing my dreams and passions of photography, sports, school and I haven’t given up! Here is my story…

My life was always sports, never anything artsy. In grade school, I was always an average student, always getting by with B’s and never excelling in anything other than sports. I would do homework for hours, catching up and trying to understand what was going on. Then I’d go to sports practice and games. At this time I never had an interest in any art class. My freshmen year in high school changed everything. Taking my first photography class, my teacher generated the interest of photoshop, and how to work a camera. The classes taught me that taking photos is a way for myself to express what I feel and see that no one else would in each photo. I continued to push through school and sports, getting out of school, out of practice, and done with homework by 7 or 8pm everyday during the week. After I was done with everything, I would stay up until 2am editing photos teaching myself to do different things on each program. In school, I took normal photography classes, excelling beyond everyone else having an A+ every year. Not to forget, my advanced placement art class allowing me to have college credit right out of high school, and receiving college scholarships based off my work as young as 16 years old.

Soon after my sophomore year, in one of my photography classes a few peers said that I should expose my work to a bigger audience than my school. This was the start of my fast growing social media page on instagram JTD_P (Joshua Tufts Design and Photography). My account exploded by just doing some simple pictures for sports, events, portraits, landscape products, almost anything that interested me. Almost a year later I have increased to 1,330 followers in such a short amount of time being featured on some of the top social media accounts in the country. Today, I work with H hosting meetups in Michigan, work with local newspapers reporting on events and also doing freelance photography for companies. I plan to pursue a degree in college for photojournalism or multimedia journalism to help contribute to my future with a job in photography.

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