What Brands Look For In An Influencer

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Becoming an influencer by means of an Instagram account is what many people dream of when they start off their account. They would love to have sway when it comes to the direction different brands take, plus, they want the income that comes with posting updates about specific products or services their treasured brands are putting out there. If you have the goal of becoming an influencer, then you should know what those big treasured brands are on the lookout for.

Here are the top five things brands look for when deciding on a new influencer for their wares.

What Brands Look For In An Influencer

They Want a Relevant Match

Relevance is important when it comes to finding an influencer. They need someone that is going to talk about the right aspects of their product or service to get people to buy. If you only talk about taking pictures, but never about the camera you use, for example, camera companies are not likely going to consider you as an influencer for their product.

They Want Influencers with Reach

Just because you talk about the right aspects of their product or service, you still may not be the right person unless you have the right reach. When you send something out, do you reach 50 people, or 50,000 people? These companies want more bang for their buck, so to speak, so the bigger your reach, the more interested big brands are going to be.

They Want Engagement

Influencers should have an audience that engages with them. This means that when the influencer talks, others listen and respond. If you have a large audience that listens when you mention things, and responds to your comments, suggestions, or ideas, then you could be exactly what big brands are looking for.

They Want Trust

Big brands need a way to help promote trust in their brand. They want people who will genuinely talk about how they used the product and how it helped them. The goal is to inspire trust in the brand by allowing these influencers to talk about their personal experiences. That way, the people who follow the influencer will consider looking into the product simply because they trust what the influencer says.

They Want Consistency

If you want to become an influencer, you need to make sure that you frequently and consistently post. Influencers cannot post once a month and expect to make a difference. They need to have regular conversations with their followers.

These conversations need to be frequent enough to get people engaged, and to develop trust at the same time. This will be shown by how often people respond to the influencer’s comments, and by how often these visitors return. The more consistently the potential influencer is able to post, the better.

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