You Are Your Only Competition

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Before I go any further, or delve into my point, this post is not about boasting or bragging. This post is not about being an arrogant prick or thinking your shit doesn’t stink. We all need to get knocked down a few times to develop a strong stance. In fact, you are your only competition.

You Are Your Competition

With all the lame trends that keep people at bay with copy catting everything they are putting in portfolios, the need to keep up with the Joneses or to make sure to create work people “want” to see, people create competition with one another without the other party probably ever being aware.

That is a waste of time. Have you ever said to yourself, “That Photographer took my job!” Have you ever had a situation occur that another Photographer walked onto your set, took your shoot, pocketed your money and left with a sinister grin on their face? No? Then they didn’t do that. You took the opportunity away from yourself in one form or fashion.

You Are Stopping Your Progression

The age we live in allows you to be discovered in more ways than can be counted at times. You are only at competition with yourself, your ego, and your ability to progress. The future you wants the present you to win over the past you.

If there’s photo assignments that you wish you were doing and you happen to know the person that got the gig, it’s not their fault they found the opportunity, or the opportunity sought them out. But it is your fault for not granting yourself a position on an even playing field.

The actions of other Professionals in your field will not be what dictates how your career pans out. Your actions, your work, your motives, your communication skills, and your skill set will be what moves you along the ranks.

So what you is going to win? The past you? Leaving you stuck in a plateau and not being able to progress? Or will it be the present you? The one who is comfortable at where you’re at, but not too concerned with where you’re heading? How about the future you? The one whose main desire is what’s next, seeking new opportunity, and always being ahead.

Choose wisely.

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