My Come Up: Sean Dackermann, Photographer

Sean Dackermann
Sean Dackermann

Our interview with Sean Dackermann, on building his career in photography.

Everyone’s come up is different, but for the ones that truly experience the “something from nothing'” way of momentum, the structure is all the same. It involves a:

  • Relentless dedication
  • The willingness to fail,
  • The willingness to succeed,
  • A burning desire to be extremely uncomfortable in order to find out what works for you and your unique lifestyle
  • Last, but surely not least, taking a journey that can either span the globe multiple times, the depths of your mind, or for what yields the best results, a combination of both.

Sean Dackermann on Hard Work

They say hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

I’ve always hated hearing that because I was fortunate enough to be inspired by my own family and the creativity that flows in our veins. It’s reminded me that I can’t just rely on what I’ve been able to harness almost easily, and that the hunger of someone else can easily supersede any time I want to kick back and take a breather.

What I think it’s more heart wrenching is when talent isn’t being utilized and never gets to see the light of day. I’ve watched too many people give up on themselves. While you’re reading this, I don’t want my air of confidence to serve as intimidation. I want it to be a reminder that it’s okay to be confident. There’s too much in this world that tries to destroy you.

Your awareness of existence and the recognition of what makes you undeniably who you are is the fuel to keep you going. Never let that get near empty and always keep some in reserve.

On Art & Exploration

I’ve been able to explore Art and my mind my whole life. Haven’t done much of seeing the world around me when my feet touch new soils, but that’s soon.

Came up in the broken home that’s too often the norm nowadays. Had responsibilities at a young age that stunted the chance to focus on certain passions. I lucked out in school by at least having art and music classes to guarantee time spent.

High school is when it truly soaked in and woke something up inside me. Magazines. Printed photos in magazines really set it off. Think about what magazines are. They’re visual encyclopedias based off the subject matter the magazine represents. Whereas books might condense down on a certain theme with the use of words, magazines create an exploded view of the subjects’ structural opulence.

Sean Dackermann on Growing Up

I’m a hip hop head. I grew up listening to a lot of different struggles and how people coped with them. I learned a lot from that.

Wrote a lot myself. Still do. What struck me was how Photographers were able to create environments for people. It allowed these wordsmiths and storytellers to show the side of vulnerability that is confidence.

Let them see through the pictures, that it is okay to be happy and show sides of you that are often hidden away because of the evils that exist in this world. It made me look at what I experienced and said, if they can do it, then so can I. I carry that idea with me in my back pocket at all times.

The Future of Sean Dackermann’s Career

I’m 11 years in. Created photos that have been displayed locally to internationally, both print and digitally. Have had the honor of photographing all walks of life. Some may come with various accolades and statuses.

What matters to me of these individuals, is the glow of their energy. I’ve had the honor of photographing a lot of amazing people. And then I get to show them!

While there seems like a big chunk missing in this story, that will be filled in later in time by posts on here. Stay tuned for them. What matters in the beginning is what has already been explained.

Figure out why you’re doing it in the first place, and never lose sight of that. Inherently, your style will be produced from that. More to come.

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