How I Brought My Artistic Vision To Life

Artistic Vision

The process of bringing an artistic vision to life.


I always love to find new and interesting places around Maine. Everyone knows Portland Head Light and other classic areas that have been photographed well beyond a thousand times. When I asked a few peers if they have ever seen Doubling Point, they all said no. This increased my excitement to find something new. I immediately asked my friend if she was free, and planned on going to this location.


Maine has a vast amount of areas that go unnoticed and so I came up with a plan to scour through the state and try to find as many new and different locations as possible.

Going into this shoot, I opened google maps and meticulously combed through the coast to find somewhere that I have not been before. This part is very exciting but can also be the most frustrating. Going into an entirely new location can be difficult since there is such a variety of unknowns. For this trip, I wanted to try to capture the change in foliage before winter comes.

The area that I came across was Doubling Point just outside of West Bath. There is a single dirt road that leads you to the lighthouse. Only wide enough for one car at a time. Covered in fog, once out on the lighthouse deck you could not see more than thirty feet. Which, created very interesting conditions. The surrounding area was a dense mix of pines and maples creating colorful stripes on the coast before it met the water.


I typically enjoy muted, neutral colors when shooting portraits. This lets me show the contrast between the background. Which, is typically nature, while having a subject that draws the viewer’s attention.

Going into this, I knew that the weather was going to be quite dreary and since it is starting to be fall a sweater was going to be perfect.

Doing some research before going into the shoot, I knew the deck of the lighthouse was bright white and having Lizz (pictured) in a dark colored sweater was an important aspect for telling a story with the photo.


Given the weather and the changing of seasons, I wanted this photo feel welcoming in way. Having Lizz sit on the railing wearing something warm felt more inviting than standing or anything else.

This pose, seemed more inviting and made it feel as if anyone could be in this moment. I chose to shoot this almost from a direct angle. This allows me to create a familiar point of view again, just like the view was with us.

With it being colder in Maine now than ever, I asked Lizz, to hold her arms close to her to show that it was getting colder. With her fingers curled into a fist, and partially hidden by her sleeves, this pose shows how summer has ended, and fall is starting to near closer.

That’s how I brought my artistic vision to life.

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