Meet Up Recap: San Francisco with Mollie Horvath and DJ

Photo by Mollie Horvath

Two Core H members, Mollie Horvath and DJ, hosted a meet up in San Francisco a few weeks ago! Mollie tells us a little bit about the experience.

Mollie Horvath on the Meetup

“DJ and I had already hosted a meet up together prior to this one, so I think going into it we were a little less nervous because, in some way, we knew what to expect.

We both ended up being blown away by the amount of people who showed up. It seemed like every time I turned a corner there were five new photographers and two new models I hadn’t seen before.

While first gathering and passing out hats, we came to find out that there was someone from Wyoming who happened to be in San Francisco at the same time we were hosting the meet. He decided to show up – which was completely awesome.

When it came to the weather, it was foggy and freezing. And, I have to thank all the models that were out there in clothes not fitting for the 55 and windy setting that was presented to us. The mixture of people who had been to our last meet and the brand new faces worked quite well.

I think being able to introduce people to one another made things a lot easier when it came to interacting. There was an astounding amount of support from everyone who came both during and after the meet which was heart warming. I think DJ and I will keep hosting meet ups together.

It’s always a great time! Meeting new people who all share the same passions as me is something special and I have to thank H for being a gateway for that.” – Mollie

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Photos by MollieHPhoto.

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