Establishing Your Insta-Brand

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Establish Your Insta Brand

When it comes to establishing your Insta-brand, it’s best to be really good at one style and stick with it. Be a master of ONE and not a jack of all trades!

How to Establish Your Insta Brand


In the beginning, it can be fun to play around with different styles and themes and that’s totally ok! But the faster you develop a “look” the faster your page will grow.

A theme should be clear and describe your niche.

Examples: Photography (portraits, landscapes, surrealism, etc), fitness, lifestyle, your business niche, selfies, quotes – the lists goes on.


Within your theme, it’s important to stick to a color scheme.  You don’t want your page to be a mishmash of colors and ideas.

Do you want your page to have bright vibrant colors or muted tones or moody vibes or black and white or crushed blacks or pastels, etc ?

Decide if you prefer cool or warm tones.  Try picking four core colors that will fit within your theme.

Check out ColorKuler to figure out what your current color scheme is and start building from there.


This goes along with color scheme.  When you are editing your photos, stick to the same overall “feel”.

If you are using filters, chose your three favorites and stick with them.  The last thing that you want is a feed mixed with muted tones and overly contrasted photos.  Maybe some people can make it work but for most of us, it looks messy. And please, take it easy on the filters!!

When I first got into photography, I was interested in shooting everything and anything, which is great because that’s the fastest way to learn. I also started my Instagram with everyday life photos, going out, friends, drinking etc and some random modeling pictures.

When I started merging my photography with my Instagram, I was still posting my everyday photos as well. I was losing followers, lacking engagement and I didn’t know why.

I started focusing on JUST photography which quickly lead to my interest in surrealism, and eventually my color palette of deep blues, vibrant purples, and pinks with an overall cool tone.

So, as you can see, it may take some time to develop your style so don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t show up right away. With patience, you’ll learn what your target audience responds to and what feel best for you.

One thing I can say is, never stop experimenting and taking photos. Shooting often and shooting with different people will give you a better idea of what your style, your likes and dislikes, and your own personal Insta-Brand. 

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