Dare to Downgrade – Should You Make The Switch To Film?

switch to film
Switch To Film

The next best thing may not be the next best thing for you. This world is progressing, technologically, like no other time in history. Everything is in the palm of our hand…so close, so accessible, and seemingly inseparable. Why would we want anything to change?

For some of us, it’s bothersome that we spend more time deciphering our camera’s menu system than capturing the beautiful moment that is unfolding before us. We could care less if our cameras were like mirrorless swiss army knives. We just want to create madly compelling content without the top of our heads getting the best view. Dare we go back in time to restore our truly efficient workflow of capturing and make the switch to film?

Should You Switch To Film?

Now please do not hear me demonizing the new technology that we have been innovating. All I am saying is that having the newest technology may not be the end all be all for better photography.

Each creator has their own style and preference for what works best with their workflow. If you love the fact that you can do one hundred and one things with your camera and you truly thrive with more options, then by all means keep on grinding with it. I just wanted to bring light to the fact that “new” is not the only option for progressing your photography.

Downgrade For The Creative Process

I personally chose to “downgrade” my gear for the sake of my creative process. There were just too many features on my camera that it became an obstacle, rather than a gateway, to creativity.

At first I was super excited to have the most advanced camera to date, but it slowly began to starve my creation. I had to make the trade for a more simple option, despite the hype of owning a more expensive camera.

If you are looking to take a step back in time with me and explore the world of film photography, my next article “5 Film Cameras You NEED To Get Your Hands On” will outline a few cameras that I suggest you put a few rolls of film through. From the beginner who has no idea how to load film to the expert film shooter who just added another Leica to their collection, there is something for everyone.

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