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Let’s begin by defining “A Resourceful Creator” – 

A resourceful creator is someone who utilizes whatever happens to be around them, and has the ability to create something out of nothing.”

Now, before I tell you how to be a resourceful creator I am going to tell you a little bit about myself and how this defines my style.

How to be a Resourceful Creator

I am known as AngieJustShootMe.

I began photography January 25th of 2017 and got my first camera about 2 months ago. Now, I shoot with a Nikon D750 with a Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 lens.

Before any of that, I would pick up any camera that I could get my hands on; whether it was a Sony, or a Canon T2i, or Nikon, or even an iPhone 6, it didn’t matter, as long as I could take some sort of picture with it. I was not a camera gear geek. I knew nothing, and gear just did not matter to me.

Being creative is what I always strive for in my shoots. I always find a prop or a concept to shoot with.

Here are visual examples to describe what it means to be a resourceful creative:

Examples of Being a Resourceful Creator

3 months in being a photographer: These two shoots were taken in the exact same setting. When I say setting, I mean my garage. I couldn’t afford a studio space, or even a backdrop. I decided that instead of using big box lights, I could use the natural lighting outside.

With this first picture, I took the broken bed that was just laying in my garage and I flipped it upwards. That way the model could lean against it and face towards the natural lighting.

Obviously I had to cover the broken bed so my audience wouldn’t be able to tell that it was broken. I used this mandala blanket that I had in my room. I also added a white blanket to cover the ugly wooden floor and I took various props out from my room, such as the vinyl records.

Now, that I had created the look that I had envisioned with all of the things that I had around me. All I had left was to ask the model to wear something that related to camping – and she nailed it. The only thing that we had to spend money on was that Mexican Coke. This was also taken on the Canon T2i and edited on my iPhone 6 because I did not have Lightroom yet at that time.

The Work of a Resourceful Creator

These three shoots were all done inside of my house, specifically in my bathroom. I didn’t have big enough walls, so my bathroom window would have to do. In order to prevent the silhouette from ruining the concept, I covered the window with a 99-cent tablecloth from Walmart. Instead of telling you my side of the story, let’s let the models tell theirs…

From the Models

“I thought that the best part about the whole experience was just how innovative Angie was with the things she had around her. She literally used a pink tablecloth as a background and a cube chair with a blanket over it as a seat and made it look like it was done in a professional studio, when it was really just her bathroom”. -Gabriella Mills // @gabriella.mills

“When we went to Walmart together I enjoyed connecting with you as we shopped for a tablecloth as the background. I felt like I really got to know you in that time before our shoot, which was really important to me because not only were we using the resources around us, we were also using time as a resource to strengthen our dynamic.

I loved creating an environment without excess waste. Saving money and time is always beneficial”. -Bri Kumelski // @nightimebri

“This is actually one of my favorite photoshoots so far. I loved everything about it. I believe there’s no need for expensive gear to achieve professional photos and that can be seen in our end results for this shoot. We took advantage of what we had: a bathtub, balloons, and a tablecloth.

We made it work. With a creative eye and an open mind anything is possible. I think many creatives in this day of age stun themselves because they feel they don’t have what they need to achieve their vision or goals as a creative.

I hope that they can turn to shoots like this and realize that it’s not about what you don’t have it’s about what you do with what you do have”. -Samantha Mirelles // @sammireless

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