My Come Up: Adonnica Genon

A story on the path to photography by Adonnica Genon.

I’ve always been very passionate about Photography, Graphic Design, and Videography. I started using cameras at the age of three and this is all I’ve ever wanted to do.

I became a freelance photographer in 2013, a year after I graduated high school; where I fearlessly left home and pursued my dreams full time. I attended Full Sail University, which opened many doors for

On April 10th , 2017, I was robbed while at a Skatepark in Hamtramck, MI with my friends. About 9 to 10 guys came into the park and proceeded to rob us.

The first thing stolen was my camera. This guy walked up to me, put his gun to my head while another guy grabbed my camera and ran off. A lot more happened that night, I’m just overall happy my friends and I made it out alive. I knew that even though the situation was really scary, it happened for a
reason and God had something better in store for me.

Depression didn’t really kick in after this happened, I was down for a couple of days at first and definitely had my moments of self doubt, and wanting togive up. It did hit hard when I went to grab for my camera just to remember it wasn’t there, or I’d just want to go out and take photos and I couldn’t…

During this three to four months (April – July) of me not having my camera, I literally grinded my ass off. I was also extremely grateful of the unseen and unknown that was going on in my life; It felt like my life was doing a complete 360. I was blessed with a lower grade camera for free, by the grace of God.

Working Harder Than Ever

I worked a side job, saving every penny until I reached my personal goal.  Created a vision board with the new camera and lenses that I wanted. And, started reading self help/success books. I stayed on creative sites, researching some of the greatest photographers.

I started to understand the true meaning of Self Love (my phone was also stolen therefore I went the
same amount of time without a phone as well, completely detached from society)… I started a GoFundMe that actually raised a decent amount of funds.

Being robbed really showed me how much I loved photography.

Photography is my life, man. It’s a way of life for me. It’s a very natural gift.

I was set out to get the Canon 1DX and was blessed with the Canon 1DC on
July 11th , 2017.

Adonnica Genon on the Future

In the future I see myself doing many campaigns for some of my favorite clothing brands, owning my own Lifestyle/Creative Hub (which I’m actually currently working on), getting into Astrophotography/Architectural photography, and much more!

I’m enjoying the journey as a creative. Blessings happen, and doors open every day, even with a plan sometimes, we never really know what the future holds.

At times I feel like my dreams are bigger than I am.

My mission is to create Content Satisfying to the Mind and (EYE).

Move Forward, Stay Firm, Stay Solid.

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